wwe svr 2007: even better than the real thing?

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Here’s an excerpt from my WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007 review for hackenslash:

ENDING The Undertaker’s WrestleMania winning streak. Beating the crap out of Batista, John Cena and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. And making Triple H tap out every time you meet in the ring. These are just some of the enjoyable things you get to do while playing SmackDown vs Raw 2007 on your Xbox 360.

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the trouble with wrestling

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Read Glen Boyd‘s excellent article “Why Does Pro Wrestling Suck So Much Right Now?” over at Blogcritics.org.

Now if only Vince could see the light…

wwe stars get punk’d

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Some of these stars are no longer with World Wrestling Entertainment, but it’s still fun to watch these old episodes of Punk’d. Check out the video clips below featuring Stacy Keibler, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and Goldberg.

Visit Nostalgic Trip for old WWE video clips.

Stacy Keibler

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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it’s hrk: hogan, rock, kane

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I hate Hulk Hogan, but this is a really hilarious video.

The Rock is funny, as always, but the big surprise is Kane. I swear… Kane!

wwe over the years

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(This video is no longer available on the list of the YouTube member.

Here's the YouTube message:

This video has been removed due to copyright infringement.)

Here's an awesome video from another YouTube member for all wrestling fans. It's the "Life & Times of the WWE."

Must-see, I'm telling you, if you love the WWE.

good times: stone cold vs the rock

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(This video is no longer available on the list of the YouTube member.

Here's the message from YouTube:

This video has been removed by the user.)

I love the WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment.

Hell, I've loved it since the days when it was still called the WWF (and no, that didn't stand for World Wildlife Fund but for World Wrestling Federation — it was the court battle between them that actually led to the name change).

Sometimes I still enjoy watching the WWE, but to me the best years will always be the 90s Attitude Era, and the greatest rivalry in wrestling history is Stone Cold Steve Austin versus The Rock. And yup, my favorite wrestler will always be Stone Cold. Hell yeah. And that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so.

Good times.

Check out this cool video tribute to the Stone Cold-Rock rivalry, courtesy of a YouTube member.

Call me a fanboy, but for the record The Rock was once 0-2 against Stone Cold in WrestleMania, losing the championship twice in the main event to the Texas Rattlesnake, before finally winning against Stone Cold in WrestleMania 19. Just in case the video makes you think The Rock was the overall winner in that feud, haha.

Then again, The Rock is now a big Hollywood star and fortunately never suffered the career-ending injuries of Stone Cold and other great wrestlers like Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Actually, I think The Rock is cool, but Stone Cold is cooler.

I once thought Batista (who's Filipino-Greek — his real name is Dave Bautista) was cool, but you know, he's kind of one-dimensional. Kurt Angle is the wrestler I love to hate, because he's really entertaining when he's a villain and ever since he shaved his head, but man, the guy's awesome — well, he didn't win Olympic gold medals for his acting prowess, right? Chris Benoit is another great wrestler.

The late Eddie Guerrero was cool. So is Randy "The Macho Man" Savage and another great entertainer, Chris Jericho. Taka Michinoku is also cool. Tajiri too. But Japanese wrestlers almost never get proper respect in the WWE. They might start out fine (Taka was the first light heavyweight champion), but eventually they're treated as jokes.

But I guess Carlito would say only Carlito is cool, heh. Hell, Carlito should have gotten that slot in WrestleMania, not Ric effing Flair.

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