video: chiz escudero files candidacy

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Check out the video of Sorsogon Representative Francis “Chiz” Escudero filing his candidacy as a senatorial candidate of the United Opposition.

Video taken by reporter Erwin Oliva. Read his Breaking News story for more details.

For more online videos from, keep visiting the Video channel on YouTube.


even bush loves the eraserheads, heh

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Made that Gizmoz talking head of Bush saying how much he loves the Eraserheads, heh. And since doesn’t allow you to embed the Gizmoz code (among other things, sigh), I uploaded the video to YouTube. I used my personal YouTube account, not the hackenslash TV channel for the videos we create for, so don’t be surprised to see videos of my daughter Sam, heh.

Gizmoz is pretty cool, huh? Used the text-to-speech option — you could also record your own voice. You can also download the Gizmoz client for your IM or Skype and use the talking heads as your avatars.

The Eraserheads is still the best Filipino band for me. If you’re an Eheads fan, check out the group page I just set up at

GrooveNet is like Friendster or MySpace but proudly Philippine-made, plus it has a 3D virtual world — the localized version of There.

Wanna add the er, Bush Eheads talking head to your GrooveNet or other social networking site profile, blog or other webpage? Please go to and get the embed code. But as mentioned, some blog hosts don’t allow you to embed the code.

Mabuhay ang Eheads! Halika, tikman ang langit.

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youtube to share wealth, intro ads

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OK, the good news is that YouTube has announced that it will “reward creativity” by sharing ad revenue with users who create their own videos — original stuff that they own the copyright to, as opposed to uploading clips from TV shows and movies.

The bad news, however, is that they will now introduce short advertisements before the actual clip you clicked on plays. This is something other video sites have been doing for a long time, but it’s new territory for YouTube. In fact, one of the things that made it popular is that, apart from the ease of use, YouTube didn’t have these adverts.

Still, it should be expected, because after all that moolah Google plunked down to acquire YouTube, you can bet that the video site now has to start earning money instead of just being popular. It’s one thing to have 70 million users a month; it’s another to make money out of that user base and traffic.

It will also be interesting to see if we will now see more original moviemakers on YouTube, and, if so, whether people will keep watching videos if you have fewer copyright-infringing material on the site. ‘Coz let’s not be hyprocritical — one of the main reasons YouTube became hugely popular is because we could watch TV shows for free. Many people have yet to tap the full potential of YouTube by actually creating original content.

Anyway, let’s see if we can take our patronage of online video sites to the next level instead of just watching clips, or else YouTube will become just another incarnation of the boob tube.

And I hope Filipino YouTube original moviemakers like Happy Slip will soon get a lot of money because of this announcement, heh.

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what’s this happy meal doing in my iron chef?

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[ ?posts_id=141748&dest=7823]

This is hilarious. From the Technorati Buzz TV channel on

This video was originally shared on by technorati with a No license (All rights reserved) license.

level up! on youtube

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Seems Philippine online game publisher Level Up! now also has a YouTube channel via gmtristan.

Here’s the video of Moonstar88’s “Pag-Ibig Ko Sa Yo” from the album “Rok On: Music Inspired by Philippine Ragnarok Online.”

By the way, the girl who portrayed Willow the Assassin in the video and during the “Amatsu and Kunlun” launch (this was back in 2005) happens to be our marketing assistant Claire Chan at, heh.

Here’s a hackenslash article on Willow.

And a photo of Claire as our hackenslash image model.

ip e-games bags granado espada

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Thanks to IP e-Games president Steve Tsao for going on the record to confirm the launch of Granado Espada in the Philippines. I really appreciate it, Steve.

Here’s an excerpt from my hackenslash story:

IRONICALLY, Granado Espada, the highly anticipated MMOG from the “Father of Ragnarok” Hakkyu Kim, will now in a way be used as a weapon against the company that brought in Ragnarok and popularized it in the Philippines.

This is after IP e-Games, the Philippine publisher of popular online games such as RAN Online and O2Jam, confirmed that it is bringing in Granado Espada, a game which has whet the appetites of online gamers not only because it is a creation of the highly regarded Kim, but also because of its revolutionary system that allows players to control three characters at once.

I also submitted a shorter version that came out earlier today in the Breaking News section.

As stated in the articles, posts regarding the upcoming release have already made their way to the Philippine blogosphere even prior to the official announcement, namely this post by Laibcoms and this blog entry from Kiven.

To whet your appetite even more, here’s an in-game video of a boss fight, which I uploaded to the hackenslash TV channel on YouTube.

hackenslash TV: love among the sims — scarred for life

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Here’s another Sims 2 video I made.

Warning: these Sims will WooHoo! That’s “make love,” for those of you who aren’t into Simspeak, hehe. Not that you’ll see anything, but hey, some people might get offended or something. Plus you might feel sheepish having to explain it if there’s a kid present.

hackenslash tv: love among the sims — first kiss

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Here’s a Sims 2 video I made for hackenslash TV.

It’s not always easy to finally experience your first kiss, in The Sims 2 as well as in real life, haha.

cool stuff: mouse with an attitude

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Check out this video of hackenslash reporter Alex Villafania testing the Saitek GM-3200 gaming mouse and Pro Gamer Command Unit, and read his review of the gaming mouse.

The banner story is finally online (I’ll be delirious with joy once this Internet slowdown is over), so head on over to hackenslash.

You can also check out his previous review of the Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit.

For more videos from hackenslash, visit hackenslash TV on YouTube.

final fantasy – hinahanap ng puso music video

01/11/07 at 7:56 am | Posted in Gaming, Videos | 1 Comment

A music video created by Filipino YouTube user ferdz9999.


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