level up! on youtube

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Seems Philippine online game publisher Level Up! now also has a YouTube channel via gmtristan.

Here’s the video of Moonstar88’s “Pag-Ibig Ko Sa Yo” from the album “Rok On: Music Inspired by Philippine Ragnarok Online.”

By the way, the girl who portrayed Willow the Assassin in the video and during the “Amatsu and Kunlun” launch (this was back in 2005) happens to be our marketing assistant Claire Chan at INQUIRER.net, heh.

Here’s a hackenslash article on Willow.

And a photo of Claire as our hackenslash image model.


happy new year!

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Happy New Year, everyone!

We’re just hours away from saying goodbye to 2006. Here’s hoping that 2007 will be a better year for all of us.

Here’s a photo of Sam with Elmo when he and Zoe made an appearance at Toys “R” Us.

And here’s a video clip of Sam stalking Elmo when he and Zoe entered the store while we happened to be shopping, moments before the actual “photo op,” heh.

By the way, since I upgraded my old YouTube page to a Director account for hackenslash TV, I’ve created a new channel for my personal videos, which as you might expect will mostly star my five-year-old daughter Sam.

we’re breaking free

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It’s been months now, but Sam sure still loves “High School Musical.”

In fact, she can’t wait to see “High School Musical 2,” which is supposed to come out in summer 2007.

As you can imagine, she loves Troy (Zac Effron). Funny thing, though, sometimes she mispronounces “Gabriella” (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) as “Grabby Ella,” hehe. I think I want to create a character named Grabby Ella.

netgames chief named new ceo of level up! inc.

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That’s me on the right with Level Up! chief operating officer Sheila Paul and hackenslash reporter Alex Villafania. This was taken last Saturday during Level Up! Live 2006 at the World Trade Center.

Here’s an excerpt from Alex’s article, which is the current hackenslash banner story:

AFTER eight months, a new company has been officially forged following the merger of two of the country’s leading online game publishers, Level Up! Inc. and netGames.

The new management team for the consolidated company will be led by CEO Jane Walker, who headed netGames prior to the consolidation. Level Up! chief operating officer Sheila Paul will also retain her position in the new company.

Read the full story.

ellen and sam

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Sam and her classmates performing the traditional Filipino dance known as bulaklakan.

waiting game

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Sam and her Kinder-1 classmates waiting for their turn to perform on stage.

sam in baro’t saya

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Sam was in a baro’t saya this morning for their school program — one of the activities that marked this whole Buwan ng Wika.

so, we meet again, bear

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This bear is such a hit with Sam — she never gets tired of posing like this whenever we pass by that store.

Compare this with the shot from October last year, which is when she started becoming fascinated with that bear.

first day of school

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It was Sam's first day in her new school, where she's a Kinder 1 student. It's kind of sad 'coz she has a lot of friends who stayed at the preschool near our condo, but at least some of her former classmates live here and Sam still gets to play with them.

This is Sam's first school bus ride. Well, they call it a school bus but it's an L300 heh 🙂 

Ellen's in Singapore for CommunicAsia — she's now the marcom manager of Ericsson Philippines. So it was "Daddy Day Care" time for Sam haha.

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