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Hi, I still love but I’ve moved on ūüôā The Babel Machine has moved to — kindly update your bookmarks. Thanks!


even bush loves the eraserheads, heh

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Made that¬†Gizmoz talking head of Bush saying how much he loves the Eraserheads, heh. And since doesn’t allow you to embed the Gizmoz code (among other things, sigh), I uploaded the video to YouTube. I used my personal YouTube account,¬†not the hackenslash TV channel for the videos¬†we create for, so don’t be surprised to see¬†videos of my daughter Sam, heh.

Gizmoz is pretty cool, huh? Used the text-to-speech option¬†— you could also record your own voice. You can also download the Gizmoz client for your IM¬†or¬†Skype and use the talking heads as your avatars.

The Eraserheads is still the best Filipino band for me. If you’re an Eheads fan, check out the group page I just set up at

GrooveNet is like Friendster or MySpace but proudly Philippine-made, plus it has a 3D virtual world — the localized version of There.

Wanna add the er, Bush Eheads talking head to your GrooveNet or other social networking site profile, blog or other webpage? Please go to and get the embed code. But as mentioned, some blog hosts don’t allow you to embed the code.

Mabuhay ang Eheads! Halika, tikman ang langit.

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wanna buy the eraserheads book?

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(Piktyur galing kay Cyberbaguioboy)

Psst, fan ka ba ng Eheads?

Gusto mong tikman ang langit?

Punta ka sa blog na ito. Bibigyan kayo ng updates tungkol sa “Tikman ang Langit: An Anthology on the Eraserheads.” Balik-balikan para malaman kung saan mabibili ang libro pag labas nito. At kung saan gaganapin ang launch.

Oo, libro tungkol sa Eraserheads. Ilang taon na ang nakalilipas pero, pero wala pa ring tatalo sa Eheads.

Sama ka na, pare ko.

(Pagaling ka, Ely. At salamat Raymund, Buddy at Marcus sa mga blurbs ninyo para sa libro.)

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eraserheads anthology: tikman ang langit

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Update: Thanks to Janette Toral for plugging the book.

Just got back from the dinner/EB with the other writers behind “Tikman ang Langit: An Anthology on the Eraserheads,” where we got our copies of the book and many of us met each other in real life for the first time.

That’s me (left) with fellow writers Chong Ardivilla (center) and Faye Ilogon at Gerry’s Grill in Makati City. My essay is “The Long Goodbye.” Our other comrades-in-letters who contributed essays to this anthology are: Abigail Ho, Claire Maneja, Edwin Sallan, Erwin Oliva,¬†Jing Garcia, Joel Pinaroc, Julio de la Cruz Jr., Marco Abella, Vernon Sarne and Vincent Batacan.

The anthology was edited by Ces Rodriguez and compiled by Melvin Calimag and Jing Garcia, with a foreword by UP professor Robin Rivera, the producer of the Eraserheads’ first albums,¬†a poem/introduction by Mensa Philippines president Dimpy Jazmines, and an afterword by¬†Michael Vincent Gaddi.

Oh, and blurbs by Eric Caruncho, Lourd de Veyra and Jessica Zafra. Wow, let me say that again, Eric Caruncho, Lourd de Veyra and Jessica Zafra. Whew!

The cover design is by Gino Borja, and the book features pictures from the collection of Jing Garcia and Dodong Viray, including never-before-seen photos.

First of all, I’d like to thank Melvin and Jing for coming up with this book project and making me a part of it. This was your idea, Melvin, shocked as you were when you were looking for a book on the Eraserheads, only to find that none has been written yet about arguably the greatest Philippine band. Here’s to you, Melvin, Jing — thanks for making this book a reality.

I’d also like to thank my fellow writers, some of whom I had only met online (in Claire’s case, she’s based in the US, heh) for the duration of this project, through the e-group Melvin set up and our e-mail correspondence. Reading your essays, corresponding with you and now meeting you face to face has inspired an even greater love for the music of the Eraserheads and the message they shared. Their music is the recurring theme that binds a diverse group that includes tech journalists, fiction writers, music critics, a cartoonist, a business reporter, a lawyer and a motoring journalist.

Thanks to our editor, Ces Rodriguez, for making sure our words wouldn’t lead us astray.

Special thanks to our publisher Visual Print Enterprises, for making our dreams come true. It’s still hard to believe I’m holding this book, heh.

Thanks to Raymund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro, for agreeing to write what they think of this book. And to Ely Buendia, we’re praying for you. Get well soon, Ely.

And lastly, thanks to my wife Ellen and daughter Sam, for always believing in me.

Where can you get a copy of “Tikman ang Langit”? We’ll let you know soon, so just keep visiting this blog.

(Oh and to my friends Eric Evano, Pauline Orendain, Dino Fulgencio, Marilyn Dee-See and Sheryll Ang, special mention kayo sa essay ko, kaya bili na kayo, hehe.)

For now, I’ll just leave you with Raymund’s words: “I was putting off reading this because of the mixed feelings I have about the Eheads. But I finally took the plunge, and was actually pleasantly surprised. There are a number of bits and pieces here from people who knew me and my bandmates pretty well, but a lot of it is new, even to me. So I think you’ll probably find a lot of fresh insight and revelations on the band that you’ll find interesting and amusing.”

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ely buendia suffers heart attack

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Oh man, this comes as a real shock. Let’s hope Ely will be fine.

SINGER-SONGWRITER Ely Buendia, 36-year-old front man for the rock band Pupil, was rushed to the hospital on Sunday after suffering a heart attack.

Read the full story.

happy new year!

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Happy New Year, everyone!

We’re just hours away from saying goodbye to 2006. Here’s hoping that 2007 will be a better year for all of us.

Here’s a photo of Sam with Elmo when he and Zoe made an appearance at Toys “R” Us.

And here’s a video clip of Sam stalking Elmo when he and Zoe entered the store while we happened to be shopping, moments before the actual “photo op,” heh.

By the way, since I upgraded my old YouTube page to a Director account for hackenslash TV, I’ve created a new channel for my personal videos, which as you might expect will mostly star my five-year-old daughter Sam.

we’re breaking free

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It’s been months now, but Sam sure still loves “High School Musical.”

In fact, she can’t wait to see “High School Musical 2,” which is supposed to come out in summer 2007.

As you can imagine, she loves Troy (Zac Effron). Funny thing, though, sometimes she mispronounces “Gabriella” (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) as “Grabby Ella,” hehe. I think I want to create a character named Grabby Ella.

happy feet will make you happy… happy feet will make you think

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We watched “Happy Feet” yesterday, and boy it was great! It’s one of the best movies of the year… period.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that my fave Nicole Kidman (why do you think my daughter Sam’s full name is Samantha Nicole, heh) voices Norma Jean.

Check out the trailer from YouTube.

democrats complete sweep

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It’s official: the last hope the Republicans have of retaining control of the Senate, incumbent Virginia Sen. George Allen, has conceded to the Democratic candidate Jim Webb.

With this development, the Democrats have completed a stunning sweep in the US midterm elections, grabbing control of both houses of Congress after 12 years in exile since the Republican landslide of 1994.

Allen, who was once considered a strong candidate for the US presidency in 2008, gained notoriety for his alleged racism, triggered by the infamous “macaca” incident. See this YouTube video of Allen calling a dark-skinned campaign volunteer of his opponent Webb, an American of Indian ethnicity named S.R. Sidarth, “macaca” and saying “Welcome to America.” Sidarth was filming Allen’s speech to an all-white audience of supporters, and the video circulated all over the Internet.

In the wake of the furor, Allen claimed he “made the word up” and didn’t know “macaca” was a racial slur. You be the judge.

Oh, and apparently Allen hadn’t been aware of his Jewish heritage — his mother has Jewish roots. Though why he would bristle and say the question isn’t relevant is puzzling — he wasn’t being asked about religion but about ancestry. It couldn’t be that he’s ashamed of his Jewish roots, is he? “Aspersions”? It reminds me of some Fil-Am or Fil-whatever celebrities who once denied they had Filipino blood.

Nevertheless, he’s since recognized his Jewish roots, and has been added as the “51st” in the Forward 50 list of most influential members of the American Jewish community.

So long, Senator Allen, and good riddance. Welcome to the real world. You know, the one where not everyone is a white boy or a Christian.

republicans flushed away

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Sorry, George, but reality has finally caught up with the Republicans.

It’s about time Americans punished Dubya, and the fallout has certainly hurt the Republicans. I’m still hopeful that the Democrats will also capture the Senate, and that the Democrats will actually be able to chart a new course.

Let’s face it, the Democratic resurgence was less about the Democrats offering clear alternatives as it was about voter anger directed at Bush and the Republicans, but at least the first step toward change has been taken. It’s up to the Democrats not to waste the opportunity they’ve been given.

In the spirit of celebration, here are YouTube clips of the inimitable Stephen Colbert, one of the ballsiest guys in the world, satirizing Bush right to his face — and this was months ago during the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner on April 29, when the idea of the Republicans suffering this kind of debacle was mostly just a Democratic fantasy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Click here for a transcript of Colbert’s speech. The best part of the speech for me?

“The greatest thing about this man is he’s steady. You know where he stands. He believes the same thing Wednesday that he believed on Monday, no matter what happened Tuesday. Events can change; this man’s beliefs never will.

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