eraserheads anthology: tikman ang langit

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Update: Thanks to Janette Toral for plugging the book.

Just got back from the dinner/EB with the other writers behind “Tikman ang Langit: An Anthology on the Eraserheads,” where we got our copies of the book and many of us met each other in real life for the first time.

That’s me (left) with fellow writers Chong Ardivilla (center) and Faye Ilogon at Gerry’s Grill in Makati City. My essay is “The Long Goodbye.” Our other comrades-in-letters who contributed essays to this anthology are: Abigail Ho, Claire Maneja, Edwin Sallan, Erwin OlivaJing Garcia, Joel Pinaroc, Julio de la Cruz Jr., Marco Abella, Vernon Sarne and Vincent Batacan.

The anthology was edited by Ces Rodriguez and compiled by Melvin Calimag and Jing Garcia, with a foreword by UP professor Robin Rivera, the producer of the Eraserheads’ first albums, a poem/introduction by Mensa Philippines president Dimpy Jazmines, and an afterword by Michael Vincent Gaddi.

Oh, and blurbs by Eric Caruncho, Lourd de Veyra and Jessica Zafra. Wow, let me say that again, Eric Caruncho, Lourd de Veyra and Jessica Zafra. Whew!

The cover design is by Gino Borja, and the book features pictures from the collection of Jing Garcia and Dodong Viray, including never-before-seen photos.

First of all, I’d like to thank Melvin and Jing for coming up with this book project and making me a part of it. This was your idea, Melvin, shocked as you were when you were looking for a book on the Eraserheads, only to find that none has been written yet about arguably the greatest Philippine band. Here’s to you, Melvin, Jing — thanks for making this book a reality.

I’d also like to thank my fellow writers, some of whom I had only met online (in Claire’s case, she’s based in the US, heh) for the duration of this project, through the e-group Melvin set up and our e-mail correspondence. Reading your essays, corresponding with you and now meeting you face to face has inspired an even greater love for the music of the Eraserheads and the message they shared. Their music is the recurring theme that binds a diverse group that includes tech journalists, fiction writers, music critics, a cartoonist, a business reporter, a lawyer and a motoring journalist.

Thanks to our editor, Ces Rodriguez, for making sure our words wouldn’t lead us astray.

Special thanks to our publisher Visual Print Enterprises, for making our dreams come true. It’s still hard to believe I’m holding this book, heh.

Thanks to Raymund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro, for agreeing to write what they think of this book. And to Ely Buendia, we’re praying for you. Get well soon, Ely.

And lastly, thanks to my wife Ellen and daughter Sam, for always believing in me.

Where can you get a copy of “Tikman ang Langit”? We’ll let you know soon, so just keep visiting this blog.

(Oh and to my friends Eric Evano, Pauline Orendain, Dino Fulgencio, Marilyn Dee-See and Sheryll Ang, special mention kayo sa essay ko, kaya bili na kayo, hehe.)

For now, I’ll just leave you with Raymund’s words: “I was putting off reading this because of the mixed feelings I have about the Eheads. But I finally took the plunge, and was actually pleasantly surprised. There are a number of bits and pieces here from people who knew me and my bandmates pretty well, but a lot of it is new, even to me. So I think you’ll probably find a lot of fresh insight and revelations on the band that you’ll find interesting and amusing.”

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