blog herald ‘mistake’ draws ire of former owner, staff

01/25/07 at 7:54 pm | Posted in, Tech | 4 Comments

Update: Here’s the same story in the Infotech section.

This came out earlier today in Breaking News, and should be online later in the Infotech section.

Here’s an excerpt:

MANILA, Philippines — Saying that The Blog Herald did not intend any disrespect, the Filipino editor of the international blogging news site described as an “accident” the deletion of a Dec. 1 post announcing the launch of a new site founded by former employees.

The deletion of the post announcing the launch of new blogging news site by ex-employees led by David Krug fueled angry posts and claims that The Blog Herald was ignoring the legacy of its alumni, including original site founder Duncan Riley.

“I was away on vacation when this happened so I haven’t really had the chance to communicate with Duncan and David [Krug]. Frankly, it was just an accident. We have so many people at the editor’s level that somehow it might have messed up the post entries.

“Actually, this wasn’t the first [time] it happened to us… [there were] at least two other prior incidents where a post (one actually on Digg) was accidentally deleted and we had to restore it manually,” Abe Olandres, editor of The Blog Herald, said in response to an e-mail from



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  1. It happens in other respectable blogs out there as well. Is it just because the new people behind the Blog Herald are Pinoys they get berserk at the snap of the moment? Tsk tsk tsk

  2. Really this had nothing to do with race. First off I am also a former owner not just staff. No need to correct. I poured my heart soul and blood into that publication. You can imagine I was a bit disappointed. Much of what I did was behind the scenes.

    I attempted to contact everyone by proper channels and well life gets busy. Just like I was not able to hit up you Joey before you guys rolled your presses.

    None the less thanks for the coverage. Press is Press.

    All things aside me and the former owners, staff, etc are all just fine now. Life is good.

    Hope all is good in Pinoytechosphere.

  3. hi jhay, thanks for dropping by. well, i wouldn’t jump to that conclusion; if anything filipinos have gained a lot of respect in the blogosphere over the years.


  4. good to hear from you david. glad everything’s fine now.


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