ip e-games bags granado espada

01/18/07 at 9:44 pm | Posted in Gaming, INQUIRER.net, Tech, Videos | 2 Comments

Thanks to IP e-Games president Steve Tsao for going on the record to confirm the launch of Granado Espada in the Philippines. I really appreciate it, Steve.

Here’s an excerpt from my hackenslash story:

IRONICALLY, Granado Espada, the highly anticipated MMOG from the “Father of Ragnarok” Hakkyu Kim, will now in a way be used as a weapon against the company that brought in Ragnarok and popularized it in the Philippines.

This is after IP e-Games, the Philippine publisher of popular online games such as RAN Online and O2Jam, confirmed that it is bringing in Granado Espada, a game which has whet the appetites of online gamers not only because it is a creation of the highly regarded Kim, but also because of its revolutionary system that allows players to control three characters at once.

I also submitted a shorter version that came out earlier today in the INQUIRER.net Breaking News section.

As stated in the articles, posts regarding the upcoming release have already made their way to the Philippine blogosphere even prior to the official announcement, namely this PhilGaming.com post by Laibcoms and this blog entry from Kiven.

To whet your appetite even more, here’s an in-game video of a boss fight, which I uploaded to the hackenslash TV channel on YouTube.



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  1. Thanks for the mention and the link!!

    Ok lang pa-update/change ng link to:

    We’re not ready for v2 yet, but, baka mamatay ung link later hehe ^_^

    Although I originally posted it here:

    With so many sites I can post it to… so confusing…

    Anywayz, see you again sa presscon ng e-games 😀

  2. no prob, john, you’re welcome 🙂 sure, will have the link updated.


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