from kazaa to skype to joost

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Skype founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström have named their new startup formerly codenamed The Venice Project.

YouTube may be the current king of the hill, but now the team behind the phenomenal success of Skype (and, lest we forget, the less savory Kazaa, heh, which has since cleaned up its act), are out to shake things up with their own online video service, Joost.

Here’s an excerpt from the ZDNet News story:

What Joost has going for it is that the software replicates the TV viewing experience better than many of the other companies trying to wed TV to the PC. And this is a time when Hollywood is experimenting with the Internet. During the past year, Warner Bros. cut distribution deals with Guba, a little-known video-sharing site, and BitTorrent, a company that many consider to be synonymous with digital piracy.

Joost’s nifty technology may be enough to sway the entertainment industry to place a bet on proven winners in Friis and Zennstrom.

Another thing supposedly in Joost’s favor is that it will offer a “secure, efficient, piracy-proof Internet platform.” Hehe, how ironic, considering Kazaa’s past, but then again YouTube is also trying to rid itself of videos that infringe on copyrights (with lawsuits being a big potential headache for Google after it bought the video site), and as mentioned BitTorrent is also partnering with content providers. Besides, anytime you say “piracy-proof” or “hacker-proof” it’s just like you’re asking for it and daring pirates and hackers. But it’s still all very interesting, and you can get more details from this TechNewsWorld story.

We know how disruptive Kazaa and Skype proved to be, so I wouldn’t bet against Joost. Hope to see the beta site soon.

Oh, and in another development, Netflix has finally unveiled its movie and TV download service, but investors are apparently yawning.


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