microsoft unveils zune

09/15/06 at 8:43 am | Posted in Tech, Videos | 2 Comments

Boy, it must suck to have to unveil your iPod killer two days after Apple wowed the world with its improved iPods and new movie download service.

But if the company plotting to take over your market happens to be Microsoft, you’d better take the threat seriously.

Microsoft has unveiled Zune as it prepares to go toe-to-toe with Apple and its market dominating iPod.

Zune is supposed to ship in time for the holidays, though Microsoft hasn’t announced the price yet. The initial version will have 30 gigs of memory and come in black, white or brown.

Check out the Microsoft announcement for more details.

You can also view this YouTube clip of the new Zune ad that came out on My initial reaction when I saw it was “WFT?!!” but maybe you can make more sense out of it, heh.



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  1. I second the motion: WTF! I don’t get it either, hahahah!

  2. haha oo nga kala 🙂 i might get a zune but it’s not yet on my must-have list.

    i was pretty excited before but that’s before they finally unveiled it and turns out it’s not going to have any gaming capability, at least initially. but it has cool features.

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