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Proud Dad Alert: The results of Sam’s first exams are in (she’s turning five in December and is a St. Paul Pasig Kinder 1 student — they call the exams for Kinder 1 the Paper Games, go figure), and guess what? She got a perfect score in all her tests!

Ellen and I are so proud of Sam!

Funny thing, I think she might become a scientist when she grows up, though usually she’ll say she wants to be a doctor — or a fashion model, depending on her mood. I’ve always loved science, and it’s always a thrill when I see her perform experiments or hear her talk about them.

The other night, she told me she was going to perform an experiment to create “futer matter” (fewter matter? Don’t ask me for the spelling, she was the one of who came up with the name).

“I’m going to make an experiment and make futer matter. You take insects, then you put them in a bottle. Then you take perfume. Then you add salt. Then you have a battery. You can make the insect a battery. It’s an Internet battery.”

She said the battery would be a circle, obviously referring to the small button cell batteries in some of her toys.

I asked her if she saw this futer matter experiment on TV or something, but she said, “No, I made it up.” Then she went on to gleefully describe how you can take broken pieces of stuff like glass, and pieces of insects like dead cockroaches (yuck, hehe) and make batteries out of them. Then she said something about making the batteries in America and Malaysia.

Good Lord, maybe she’s found the answer to the energy crisis.

Then, last night, she amused me with her usual game of pretending she’s working in an office. She would say stuff like, “Did you get my e-mail?” and pretend to answer calls on her toy cell phone, while turning her study table into an office desk.

I was teasing her, and pretended to be someone from a fastfood outlet calling her up.

Me: (makes ringing sound)

Sam: Hello? Who’s this? I’m in my office.

Me: This is Mr. Noodle.

Sam: Oh, hi, Mr. Noodle.

Me: So you ordered siopao for delivery? (I just finished reading her this children’s book on siopao that don’t want poor, grimy kids to eat them, go figure.)

Sam: No.

Me: But somebody called me up and asked me to deliver siopao.

Sam: I didn’t call. We have food here. We have lots of food, sorry.

Me: You don’t want siopao?

Sam: No sorry, we have food here. Sorry, wrong number. Bye!

Then I called her up again, pretending to be someone else.

Me: (makes ringing sound)

Sam: Hello? This is Sam.

Me: Hello, I wanted to ask when you’re delivering my siopao.

Sam: Oh, sorry, I don’t want siopao.

Me: No, no. I want siopao. I asked you to deliver it 20 minutes ago. Aren’t you Mr. Noodle?

Sam: No, I’m not Mr. Noodle. This is an office. The other office is a restaurant.

Me: But what about my siopao?

Sam: Sorry, wrong number. Bye.

Then I tried calling again, making a ringing sound. Sam kept pretending to write something. I kept making the ringing sound.

Without turning her head or stopping what she was doing, she said, “Missed call.”



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  1. Fewter matter, missed calls, internet batteries. Yep, this kid is DEFINITELY going to rule the world. Sam is so adorable.

    And she has a point, Joey… she’s working, she doesn’t want to keep talking about Siopao. LOL!!!!

    Congratulations on her perfect exam scores!

  2. hey kala, great to hear from you again! thanks 🙂 it’s such a shame you haven’t met sam yet, but anyway you’ll see her next time you’re in manila.

    so what’s the latest from france? when are you moving to paris? or are you there already? regards to julien. did you guys get an xbox 360 or are you still waiting for the ps3 hehe

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