download games, movies via itunes 7

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In all the excitement over Apple’s announcement that you can now download movies using the new iTunes version 7.0, you might overlook the fact that you can also buy casual games such as PopCap‘s Bejeweled, EA‘s Tetris and Namco‘s Pac-Man from the iTunes online store and play them on your iPod.

I’ve updated my iTunes app, and as you can see from the screenshot above, you have another good reason to get an iPod. Of course, it’s irritating for us in the Philippines because you need a credit card with a billing address in the US or the other countries where iTunes is available. Arrggh!

I’m probably one of the few people who don’t have an iPod, haha. Everytime I think of buying one, I can’t help but feel that, apart from the cost, I’d feel cheated because I can’t download the stuff I’d want to buy from iTunes.

Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses, I know, but the iTunes online store is really part of the magic of iPod. Though the new iPods look tempting (not the pink one, I swear, hehe)… And of course, I am on Xbox Live even though it’s not officially available in the Philippines.

Wonder how Microsoft will now up the ante with its Zune iPod killer after Apple’s announcement?

And damn, how about that sneak peek Steve Jobs gave of the iTV box, which will allow you to wirelessly transmit the music and videos you download to your TV? The iTV box is supposed to come out in 2007, with an expected price tag of US$299.

Yup, another reason not to watch regular TV programming on your boob tube, hehe.


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