social networking, filipino style

09/12/06 at 5:15 pm | Posted in Gaming, | 2 Comments

Check out our hackenslash feature on GrooveNet and There Philippines, and the startup’s plans to export this Filipino-developed social networking system to other countries.

Here’s an excerpt from the article I wrote:

AFTER developing original intellectual property in creating the social networking system for There Philippines, Makati City-based startup GrooveNet has also disclosed plans to export this Filipino innovation to other markets in Asia and possibly Latin America.

“We would like to launch GrooveNet and There in other countries around the world, once we’re successful here in the Philippines and hit certain milestones,” Greg Kittelson, president of GrooveNet, told hackenslash.

Oh, and you can check out my profile, er, there, heh.



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  1. The future’s so bright

  2. A Filipino Social Networking site is here!

    Check out this new Filipino Website that just launched recently, we’re looking for members to keep the community growing.

    There are Member Profiles, Forums, Image Uploads, Private Messaging, Articles, BLOGGING!, Friends and Connections

    hope to see you there


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