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08/30/06 at 9:30 pm | Posted in, Tech | 1 Comment

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my column piece “I heart 360” was the seventh overall most-read column for the week Aug 20-26.

Yup, “I heart 360” was somehow sandwiched between Recah Trinidad’s “Why Pacquiao is a favorite in pool parlors” (Bare Eye) at number six and Ruben Nepales’ “Will Fil-Am Cheryl Burke win at the Emmys?” (Only in Hollywood) at number 8.

Thanks to all those who read it. I really appreciate your support.

Here’s the complete list of the overall Top 10 columns.

Check out my column piece for this week, “So long, Pluto, and thanks for all the flat fish.”

Here’s an excerpt:

What I can’t agree with, however, is the insistence of some people that Pluto should remain a planet because it’s tradition. We grew up knowing that Pluto is a planet, and our sentiments should carry more weight than a bunch of scientists. I’ve heard it in one form or another being raised by various pundits: What do they know?

But even though Pluto’s fate was decided by a vote, this is science, not a popularity contest. This isn’t American Idol where you can vote for your favorite and keep trying to make him or her win even if your candidate isn’t the most talented one. We are making new scientific discoveries all the time, and our knowledge of the solar system is quite different today than it was years ago.


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  1. Hey, Microsoft Philippines, hint hint.

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