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Here’s a crazy idea from one of my favorite geek girls and tech evangelists, Sacha Chua, heh.

Yup Sacha, thanks, this did add “a little craziness to [my] day.”

Check out my CNET Asia tech blog post “Cute geek girl wants you to advertise on her laptop.”

Here’s Sacha’s post:

Advertise on my laptop!

Want to reach the hippest geeks at BarCampEarthToronto? Advertise on the back of my laptop!

I’m Sacha Chua, and I’m a tech evangelist. Give me something cool to talk about. =) Looking for people to hire? Want to get your product or service in front of geeks? Just want to do something cool? Buy an ad on my laptop!

The back of an 8.9″ laptop screen *really* doesn’t seem like much space to advertise on, but *everyone* looks, believe me. It’s the irresistable combination of cute geek girl _and_ insanely tiny laptop.

And it happens *every* *single* *time.* It helps that I have small hands. Most people just can’t deal with gadgets that small. Sure, black Macbooks are trendy, but they’re not as rare as a *teensy* little laptop that a geek girl is happily typing away on. (In Emacs, no less.)

I can’t help it. I get attention. I might as well make use of it.

More to the point: _you_ might as well make use of it.


Basic: USD 1.00 for 0.5″ x 0.5″ (USD 4.00 for 1″ x 1″)

Reach more than 50 of Toronto’s geekiest people during BarCampEarthToronto (Saturday, Aug 26) and lots more on Sunday (Aug 27) with an image of your choosing! (I’ll put it in a “Sponsors” area.)

If people ask me about your ad at BarCampEarthToronto, I’ll give them your URL or contact information.I’ll link to you from this page and at least once on each of the blog pages for the two days of BarCampEarthToronto.

If people allow me to share their contact information with you, I’ll e-mail you after the event with the names and contact information of people who were interested. You get pictures of me posing with whoever asked about it, if they agree.

Premium: USD 2.00 per square half-inch (0.5″ x 0.5″)

Basic benefits, PLUS: If people ask me about your ad, I’ll tell them you sponsored it and then enthusiastically deliver your elevator pitch (approximately 40 seconds) and then give people your URL or contact information. You get a special mention on this page and in each of my blog entries about BarCampEarthToronto during the event.


So what are you waiting for? BarCampEarthToronto is this weekend – get your order in now! I’ll accept orders until Thursday, August 24, 2006, 11:59 PM EST (and maybe a little later depending on how late I sleep).

Buy some adspace on my laptop now! E-mail me at with:

How many blocks of 0.5″x0.5″ would you like? Basic or premium? (Feel free to bid more than the suggested price. =) ) What URL do you want your ad to link to?You can e-mail your graphic to, or if you want me to add plain text, just ask. I’ll get in touch with you by Friday morning to discuss your order (and your elevator pitch, for premium advertisers)!

Advertising space is also available on my skateboard, although I won’t be bringing it to BarCampEarthToronto. =)

I reserve the right to refuse ads I find offensive or way out of character. Be nice or I’ll boo you.

Think Sacha’s idea is cool? Digg it!


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