wake up and smell the coffee, dead tree people

08/16/06 at 7:21 am | Posted in INQUIRER.net, Tech | 2 Comments

Newspapers are fucked. Check out my INQ7 Infotech @Play column piece to find out why.

Here’s an excerpt:

What newspapers have to remember is that they’re not in the business of selling paper, but of generating news. The sad truth is that the price of paper is skyrocketing, and the business model for printing means that newspapers allot pages to content depending on the number of advertisers subsidizing the cost of that section.

The funny thing is that for all the lip service newspapers pay to convergence and the impact of technology, they have been very inadequate in supporting niche sections such as Infotech. Just check out the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Infotech print section that comes out every Monday, or what I jokingly refer to as the ObITuary section, for an example of how much space an important news topic warrants in broadsheets if there’s no advertising support. I’m not singling out the Inquirer, but it so happens that the Inquirer is one of INQ7.net’s mother companies and I used to be a PDI Infotech reporter, so I know what I’m talking about and this way I’m not citing a competitor’s section as an example.

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  1. nice column! congrats! can’t stop smiling.

  2. Dvorak agrees.

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