yahoo! widgets! whee!

07/29/06 at 10:33 am | Posted in Tech, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Don’t you just love Yahoo! Widgets? Formerly known as Konfabulator before Yahoo! acquired Konfabulator developer Pixoria last year, these quirky little apps for your desktop are quite fun to use.

Right now I’m using Picture Frame to show Sam’s Flickr pics, Honda Fit Top Video to display Yahoo! Music’s top 10 music videos, Ultimate 80’s Net Radio, the YouTube Widget, and, just for kicks, the Master Chief Victory Dance, LOL!

Head on over to the Yahoo! Widgets page to find out more about these quirky apps and download the Yahoo! Widget Engine for Windows or Mac OS X. Apart from the Widgets Yahoo! has created, you can check out thousands of user-generated ones at the Yahoo! Widgets Gallery.

Microsoft has its own version called Gadgets for Windows Vista, while Apple has Dashboard. Of course, you can also find other widgets or windows skinning software, such as Stardock’s DesktopX and Shellscape Software’s Kapsules.


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  1. wow, i think the concept is the same as the “Google Desktop.” I downloaded it recently. And from what I’ve observed, I can install certain features or plugins depending on which plugin should i want to use/install.

    since i’m a lover of virtual pets and tamagochis esp. during elementary…i installed this virtual plant thing that i need to water (just by a mouse over) to make it grow and burgeon. 😀

    btw, the plugins can actually be separated from the google desktop sidebar, or you can dock it in. the former’s more like yahoo widgets, though i’m oblivious of yahoo widgets yet. maybe, i should give myself a try. 😛

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