bloggers lobby for paypal in the philippines

07/27/06 at 1:55 pm | Posted in CNET Asia, Tech | 4 Comments

Are you an Internet user in the Philippines who’s frustrated that PayPal isn’t available here?

Full-time pro blogger J. Angelo Racoma and likeminded individuals are now calling for support for the PayPal for the Philippines initiative.

Check out my latest CNET Asia tech blog entry.



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  1. Thanks for the article and links, Joey!

  2. Dugg!

  3. “Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it.” PayPal user ako for several years now, even before they were bought out by EBay, and still am but only use it occasionally when I really have to. And yes, I *was* an EBay (US) addict. I now live here in PH kaya talagang huminto na rin ako.

    You see, I was a diligent buyer duon sa EBay. I’d research about the goods for sale, the prices, call & chat with the Sellers, the whole nine yards… Pero nainis ako so I gave up sa EBay & Paypal dahil parang anti-Buyer sila. Oo, kinakampihan lang nila talaga ay Sellers! They are aloof sa Buyers, forcing you to call their 1-800 number kahit na ang kanilang HQ ay napaka-lapit lang sa bahay ko! Ang nangyari kasi ay nabiktima ako ng dalawang loko na Sellers. Nuong una, na-trace ko pa sa isang Russian immigrant na naka-tira sa Toronto, Canada. Binentahan ako software na walang license! Pinadala lang sa akin ay CD! Hindi ko tuloy magamit, eh US $100 din iyon. Nakaw siguro ng Seller ‘yon. Ikalawa naman, after about a year past, isang taga-Texas na may damage pala sa mga NHT main speakers ko. Yes, those things cost a few thousand US dollars. Despite sabi nilang may guarantees ang PayPal, ang mga Sellers ay loko at ini-exploit ang loopholes. Tulad ng delayed shipping para mag-expire ang guarantee period. Ang Buyer may consequences kung hindi makapag-bayad agad, pero ang Seller walang penalty kung hindi ipadala kaagad ang goods. Tapos, kapag hinabol mo via an online arbiter (there’s no other way), walang paki-alam sa kalagayan ng Buyer. I really felt there’s no justice for Buyers sa PayPal. Even though I estimate that I might have spent around US$ 25,000 sa EBay na. Eh ano pa kaya kung taga-Pinas pa?

  4. PS.
    Naputol ang input ko pala. Nilagay ko ang URL above not because I’m griping about my sour experiences with EBay+Paypal, I’m so over that because it’s been a few years now, but I put it there to help you guys with your decisions. I’m just sayin’. And no, it’s not my website nor have I even inputed something there.

    I’ve had much better experiences with Walang kaltas ang PayPal, no tax, everything is paid in cash, I get to examine the goods personally, there’s a lot of good people there, but the downside is that you’d have to there in California…

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