wwe stars get punk’d

07/13/06 at 9:03 pm | Posted in Videos, Wrestling | 2 Comments

Some of these stars are no longer with World Wrestling Entertainment, but it’s still fun to watch these old episodes of Punk’d. Check out the video clips below featuring Stacy Keibler, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and Goldberg.

Visit Nostalgic Trip for old WWE video clips.

Stacy Keibler

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Rock


Triple H



(OK, Goldberg actually doesn’t get punk’d ‘coz a stuntman screwed up, but it’s still fun to watch.)




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  1. Awesome, I hadnt seen all these. Its amazing all the stuff on youtube. I think the Justin Timberlake one is my favorite even though its not wrestling. Keibler is h o t.

  2. hehe thanks for visiting my blog hornswaggled. yup, justin got owned! poor guy. the one i felt most sorry for so far was hugh jackman — i thought he was going to have a heart attack.

    and ashton shouldn’t be picking on sweet female stars like katie holmes (man, i felt bad for her — this was katie b.c. — before cruise hehe), hilary duff, mandy moore and jennifer love hewitt. i felt bad for them — they really got punk’d!

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