nostalgia and new technology

06/27/06 at 9:37 am | Posted in, Tech | 5 Comments

Here’s an excerpt from my @Play column piece for INQ7 Infotech:

I DON’T know if it’s just a sign of age, but I find myself becoming even more nostalgic lately. And the funny thing about technology is that the more advanced it becomes, the more it makes us long for the content of yesteryears.

Think about it: before the Internet became commonplace, it was harder to access the past. If you were fascinated by a certain subject, or were a fan of a certain celebrity, you had to work harder in those days. Maybe you had clippings from various magazines and newspapers that had articles about your idol. Maybe you had lots of pics that you cut out from these publications or bought from sidewalk vendors. You had to be a huge fan of a celebrity to devote that much time and effort. Unlike today, when whatever our interests may be, whoever our idols are, we can more easily find information online — and link up to others who feel the same way. Just Google or check out Wikipedia, and you’re already off to a head start.

Read my column piece.



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  1. bro i read your post and saw the site and it inspired me to upload an 80’s strawberry switchblade video i’ve had on my hd for years. i’ll post about it as soon as its ready (ang tagal ng youtube magprocess).

  2. woo-hoo, cool! that’s great gary 🙂


  3. eto na bro

  4. bro, kamusta naman bro? 😀

  5. hehe kumusta ka rin bro, er, chel hehe 🙂

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