the real story behind the xbox 360

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If you want to know the story behind the creation of the Xbox 360 from an independent source (i.e. someone who wasn't being paid by Microsoft to write about it), then check out Dean Takahashi's latest book, "The Xbox 360 Uncloaked: The Real Story Behind Microsoft's Next-Generation Video Game Console."

Thanks to Dean and his publisher Dave Mark of SpiderWorks for the review copy of the e-book.  

Dean, of course, is the same journalist who wrote "Opening the Xbox: Inside Microsoft's Plan to Unleash an Entertainment Revolution," which gave a fascinating account of Microsoft's high-stakes gamble in entering the video game business. He is a technology and gaming writer for the San Jose Mercury News as well as an avid gamer.

The new book promises the same brand of investigative journalism. While this was an independent project of Dean and Microsoft had no say on the content of this book, readers will benefit from an insider's view because the software giant cooperated with him in granting interviews with its executives and engineers.

I'll let you know when my review comes out, but some of the fascinating things you'll learn from this book include Microsoft's scuttled plans to launch its own portable game players in 2001 and 2003; and the project that would have created a third version of the Xbox 360 (you know, apart from the version with a hard disk and the Core System which doesn't have one) that runs on Windows.


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