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YouTube only allows you to watch streaming video, unlike Google Video which lets you download clips. A couple of blokes in Australia, however, have set up a third-party service that allows you to rip videos from YouTube to download them to your hard drive.

The two guys have actually set up two sites — Peekvid, which aggregates clips from YouTube and other video sites, and KeepVid, which allows you to rip videos. Isn't it a nice touch that "peek" is "keep" in reverse, and vice versa? 

You can find out more about the services by reading this article. It explores the question of copyright infringement and DRM, though it should be noted that YouTube at this point doesn't feel that Peekvid violates the user agreement for the YouTube service.

After all, it's only aggregating what's already hosted on YouTube, and YouTube is supposed to make sure its users don't violate copyrights — and take down videos that do.

In fact, the YouTube spokesperson said Peekvid might actually make it easier for them to track down clips which infringe on copyrights, so don't be surprised if a number of the links on Peekvid are pointing to videos that have already been taken down. YouTube didn't comment on KeepVid though, heh.

It's pretty easy to rip videos, some of which are saved as .flv files (for YouTube clips, for instance, you have to change the file extension to .flv) for which you'll need the free FLV player. Other videos are downloaded as .swf or other file types, depending on the site.

Sure, other sites and programs out there allow you to do the same thing, but KeepVid is pretty easy to use.

Check the pic to see what the FLV player looks like.

Yup, that's "Keys me" — talk about Last Song Syndrome for me, heh.


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