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06/12/06 at 11:53 pm | Posted in Tech, Videos | 2 Comments

I've purchased my very first Filipino music video from Fliptunes. For the record, the video I bought was Radioactive Sago Project's "Alaala ni Batman." Go Lourd!

I used my credit card for now instead of trying out the site's Mozcom PayEasy online payment system. This is mainly because I would have to fax a copy of my credit card billing statement before PayEasy would recognize my credit card as a funding source. This is a good security measure but I wanted instant gratification, so I used my credit card directly. Will try out PayEasy soon, maybe using my ATM.

Purchasing and downloading my video was a breeze, and Fliptunes offers cheaper rates than iTunes — 40 pesos for music files and 80 pesos for videos (compared with 99 cents and 1.99, respectively, at iTunes). Check out Alex Villafania's Fliptunes story at INQ7 Infotech for some more info.

You could also check mp3pilipinas.com for other OPM audio and video files for sale. The site offers individual songs for 25 pesos a pop, and albums for 200 pesos. Absolutely reasonable rates, huh? I haven't tried buying yet but the site has a number of free downloads, and right now I'm downloading the "Rock Against the Round: Musicians Against the WTO" album.

I'm actually tempted to buy Toni Gonzaga's "You Complete Me" album, or at least purchase some tracks, haha! Yup, I've always found Toni cute and hilarious whenever I see her on TV, hehe, so I dunno, I might give in to my whim.

Once you purchase an album or song (you still make use of the shopping cart even for free downloads) from mp3pilipinas.com, you get e-mailed the download URL for the content you bought. For security reasons, the download URLs are only valid for 36 hours.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these sites and support legal OPM downloads.

By the way, Happy Independence Day to every Filipino!



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  1. Greetings !

    Thank you so much for visiting our site – http://www.mp3pilipinas.com. The OPM site is our way of reaching out to all OPM lovers and fellow Filipinos to support our artists and composers in a legal and approriate manner. Let us continue to fight music piracy. You can learn more about music piracy and the rationale for the establishment of mp3pilipinas at the Lex Musika Section of our website. In the coming weeks, we will be uploading more songs and album, old and new. God Bless.

  2. no prob carlos, you’re welcome. thanks for visiting my blog.


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