yellow duckies

05/30/06 at 6:28 pm | Posted in Photos, Travel | 1 Comment


Check out the three cute rubber ducks that stood guard over the bathtub of my room at Amari Watergate Hotel and Spa in Bangkok.

They're really cute, huh? I wanted to buy the ducks for my daughter Sam, so I called up Housekeeping.

Me: Good morning. I just wanted to ask if the rubber ducks in the bathroom are for sale.

Housekeeping: I'm sorry, sir… the what?

Me: The rubber ducks.

Housekeeping: Oh, the yellow duckies!

Me: Yes, the, uh, yellow duckies.  

Housekeeping: Yes, they're for sale, sir. Fifty baht each.

Me: Fifty baht for one duck??!

Housekeeping: Yes, sir.

Me: Ah, OK. Thanks anyway. 

Ah well, I got to show this pic to Sam, hehe. They're cute, but I could buy them here for a lot less than 150 baht 🙂 Anyway, I bought Sam a Piglet stuffed toy to match the Tigger Ellen got her when she was in Bangkok a few months ago. 

Sigh, I miss those ducks, heh.


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  1. Rubber duckie, you’re the one…

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