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05/29/06 at 2:48 pm | Posted in Tech | 4 Comments

It's alive!

If you go to the CNET Asia homepage, you'll see my pic (well, it's there right now but of course this space will feature the different tech bloggers) and a link to my Babelmachine tech blog. Yup, it's Babelmachine for my CNET Asia tech blog, The Babel Machine for this personal blog, heh 🙂

Hope you could check it out and keep visiting Babelmachine. This is the first time CNET Asia will regularly cover tech news from the Philippines, and I'm proud that we're among the first batch of countries to be represented.

For some time, Japan was the only country represented by a CNET Asia tech blog, with Mobile Ojisan's Matsushita Shuji as the pioneer. Now we have China (Little Red Blog by William Moss), Malaysia (Lemak Lemang by Jeff Ooi), Indonesia (Toekang IT by Vishnu K. Mahmud), and, of course, the Philippines. Do check out all these blogs and learn more about what's happening in IT in their countries.

And this is just the beginning. As CNET Asia managing director Juniper Foo said in her column, more countries will be represented by tech blogs in the months to come.

Thanks for your support.



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  1. Congrats, Joey! 🙂

  2. kudos to you joey.

  3. thanks angelo, erwin 🙂


  4. terrific bro. best of luck.

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