xbox 360 winners

05/16/06 at 9:42 am | Posted in Gaming | 4 Comments

Congratulations to Erwin Oliva for winning an Xbox 360!

Erwin and his Orange Team ended up tied for first place with the Green Team in the Amazing Race-type competition at the Microsoft Philippines offsite press event. We were in Cebu and Siargao from Thursday to Sunday along with a bunch of other IT journalists.

Every member of the winning teams got an Xbox 360 hehe so congratulations to the Orange Team's Edu Lopez; Bing Ramos; Dave Domingo; and Michael Tan (no, not the Inquirer columnist, heh); and the Green Team's Abigail Ho; Joel Pinaroc; Jing Garcia; and Edison Ong.




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  1. congrats. hope to see you on XBL hehe

  2. thanks Joey.

  3. joey, I have created a new blog called 360. url is

  4. it’s not michael tan – it’s michael david tan, so, of course, he is not the inquirer guy 😉 FYI 😉

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