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Check out my INQ7 Infotech @Play column piece this week.

Here's an excerpt:

Through this race, participants not only got to visit different places around Cebu, but also try out Microsoft’s MSN Spaces blogging software and Photo Story 3 software for creating slideshows. We took photos using the Canon digital cams they provided us (one per team). And since we were mobile, we were supposed to connect to the Internet thanks to the IBM Lenovo laptops that were lent to us (again, one per team) equipped with the Philippine Long Distance Telephone WeRoam wireless broadband service that makes use of Smart Communications’ GSM (global system for mobile communications)/GRPRS (general packet radio service)/EDGE (enhanced data GSM environment) infrastructure.

The operative word there was "supposed." More on that later…

…Meanwhile, in Siargao, Microsoft Philippines academic affairs director Sam Jacoba announced the launch of a new contest for public schools under the Partners in Learning program, an ongoing initiative of Microsoft aimed at providing ICT training and grants to Philippine public schools.

Sam, who was once a tech journalist — in fact the founding president of the IT Journalists Association of the Philippines, better known as CyberPress — showed in his presentation how, to this day, just like the previous generations, students in various public schools throughout the Philippines still walk to school everyday, sometimes barefoot over long distances. In a world where we sometimes take technology and modern conveniences for granted, we need to be reminded that most Filipinos live on the other side of the digital divide.

Read the full story.


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