PS3 arriving Nov. 17 in $499, $599 packages

05/9/06 at 11:50 am | Posted in Gaming, | 3 Comments

The good news is that the PlayStation 3 will be launched worldwide on Nov. 17.

The bad news, however, is that we'll have to shell out at least $499.

Oh, and the other bit of good news is that the boomerang/banana-shaped controller is no more, as Sony unveiled the new PS3 controller, which basically improves upon the current PS2 controller.

Here's an excerpt from the hackenslash GameBlog entry:

SONY has announced that its next-generation console, the PlayStation 3, will be available in the Clear Black version in North America on Nov. 17 as part of a worldwide simultaneous launch.

Sony has also announced that it will launch the PS3 in Clear Black in Europe and Australasia on Nov. 17. The company has not yet confirmed what version will be released in Japan as of this writing, though Sony stated back in March that the PS3 would be launched simultaneously in Japan, North America and Europe in early November.

The PS3 will be equipped with the Blu-ray high-definition DVD technology and come pre-installed with a hard disk drive. One PS3 package will retail for $499 (20 GB HDD) while the other will cost $599 (60 GB HDD), according to a press statement from Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Sigh, time to start saving money.



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  1. PLUS you get a cheap ripoff of the Wii controller…
    PS3 trying to integrate both MS’ XBL and Ninty’s Controller..ugh, you can do better than that sony..

  2. been waiting for ps3. tiniis ko na hindi bumili ng xbox 360 sayang kasi ang PS2 games ko. medyo mahal nga lang, i remember when 3box 360 hit the stores last year, a night before palang ang haba ng pila sa labas ng mga stores nag camp ang mga tao. even store employees work overtime just for the 360 launch. grabe. before the launch day ends out of stock agad. hahahaha

  3. I’m sticking to Wii for the 2nd next-gen war. Xbox360 already has taken a lead and will probably be much cheaper in time for the holidays (and I can probably afford to get one).

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