xbox 360 launch in rp

05/8/06 at 5:27 pm | Posted in Gaming, | 3 Comments

I dropped by Software Innovations Philippines 2006 in Makati City and got to interview Microsoft Philippines managing director Antonio "TJ" Javier after a press briefing.

TJ has confirmed that Microsoft Philippines will launch its Home and Entertainment Division in July, and that while no date has been set, the Xbox 360 will have an official Philippine launch.

Here's an excerpt from my story that came out in hackenslash GameBlog and INQ7 Breaking News:

THE HEAD of the Philippine office of software giant Microsoft has confirmed that the company's next-generation game console, the Xbox 360, will be officially launched in the country. "Definitely, we will have an official Xbox 360 launch in the Philippines," Antonio "TJ" Javier, managing director of Microsoft Philippines, told after a press briefing.

He said that Microsoft's Home and Entertainment Division (HED), under which the Xbox/Xbox 360 and the company's consumer products fall following its global reorganization, will be launched in the Philippines this July.

Read the rest of the GameBlog entry.



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  1. useless for those of us who already bought the us premium but helpful for those still on the fence….hopefully ms can provide local support to both us version owners and whatever version they put out

  2. I’d really want to get into Live with local people. It’s one thing I really missed in the original Xbox.

  3. XBOX 360 in RP???? Xbox 360 is actually designed for a game play using a high definition t.v. and this is a functionality you paid for. Anybody got an HDTV here??? Sad to say we are decades away from this technology. If you are going to use Xbox 360 using a standard t.v. set like the one that everybody owns, you are just pretending you are “in”.

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