the future of computer games

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Got an e-mail from Quentin Staes-Polet, the digital media leader for Asia Pacific of IBM Global Services/Business Consulting Services. Quentin and I did a podcast on the future of online games when we were in Mumbai. This was hosted by Nick Jacobs, who was then with IBM but is now Intel's corporate communications manager for Asia Pacific. Nick was the guy who came up with the idea for the podcast and made it happen.

Quentin told me to check out the IBM homepage, saying "Hey Joey, you are a star" 🙂 IBM now has a spiffy new section on gaming — click on the "Explore the future" link in the huge "Games grow up" feature.

And yup, if you click on the "More from the experts" link in the gaming section, you'll see our podcast featured. I think that's my face haha but that's not my hair and that's definitely not my body. At least they made me thin again, woo-hoo! Too bad, I was wearing a hackenslash T-shirt during the podcast — what a global promotion for hackenslash that would have been, heh 🙂

If you haven't listened to the podcast yet, check it out. We had a lot of fun doing it.

Thanks, Quentin! Thanks, Nick!


red car

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Sam has said she'd like us to buy a red car. No wonder she liked posing beside this car at Power Station, heh. 

sam’s tickets

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Here's Sam with some of the tickets she won while playing at Power Station.

carousel ride

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Sam enjoying her favorite carousel ride at the Shangri-La Plaza mall.  

yellow duckies

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Check out the three cute rubber ducks that stood guard over the bathtub of my room at Amari Watergate Hotel and Spa in Bangkok.

They're really cute, huh? I wanted to buy the ducks for my daughter Sam, so I called up Housekeeping.

Me: Good morning. I just wanted to ask if the rubber ducks in the bathroom are for sale.

Housekeeping: I'm sorry, sir… the what?

Me: The rubber ducks.

Housekeeping: Oh, the yellow duckies!

Me: Yes, the, uh, yellow duckies.  

Housekeeping: Yes, they're for sale, sir. Fifty baht each.

Me: Fifty baht for one duck??!

Housekeeping: Yes, sir.

Me: Ah, OK. Thanks anyway. 

Ah well, I got to show this pic to Sam, hehe. They're cute, but I could buy them here for a lot less than 150 baht 🙂 Anyway, I bought Sam a Piglet stuffed toy to match the Tigger Ellen got her when she was in Bangkok a few months ago. 

Sigh, I miss those ducks, heh.

super san mig light!

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While fellow tech journalist Lawrence Casiraya (Computerworld Philippines) and I were in Bangkok last week, we stumbled upon a Filipino restaurant called Mabuhay. You can read more about Mabuhay in my Babelmachine blog post.

We discovered that in Bangkok, they have huge bottles of San Mig Light, the better to compete with local brands that come in that size, such as Leo. I knew San Miguel had a brewery in Thailand, but I had no idea they had this version of San Mig Light, heh.

plug on cnet asia

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Check out my latest CNET Asia tech blog entry, which features the Philippine Linux Users' Group and talks about Free and Open Source Software.

net neutrality and the digital divide

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Here's an excerpt from my INQ7 Infotech @Play column piece this week:

JUST like Manila, Bangkok is a city of contradictions, where state-of-the-art technology can exist side by side with slums.

Computerworld Philippines senior reporter Lawrence Casiraya and I were there last week to cover the Juniper Networks APAC Carrier Partner Summit 2006, and we were struck by the many similarities between these two cities and our two peoples.

Read the full story.

check out my cnet asia tech blog

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It's alive!

If you go to the CNET Asia homepage, you'll see my pic (well, it's there right now but of course this space will feature the different tech bloggers) and a link to my Babelmachine tech blog. Yup, it's Babelmachine for my CNET Asia tech blog, The Babel Machine for this personal blog, heh 🙂

Hope you could check it out and keep visiting Babelmachine. This is the first time CNET Asia will regularly cover tech news from the Philippines, and I'm proud that we're among the first batch of countries to be represented.

For some time, Japan was the only country represented by a CNET Asia tech blog, with Mobile Ojisan's Matsushita Shuji as the pioneer. Now we have China (Little Red Blog by William Moss), Malaysia (Lemak Lemang by Jeff Ooi), Indonesia (Toekang IT by Vishnu K. Mahmud), and, of course, the Philippines. Do check out all these blogs and learn more about what's happening in IT in their countries.

And this is just the beginning. As CNET Asia managing director Juniper Foo said in her column, more countries will be represented by tech blogs in the months to come.

Thanks for your support.

i believe he can fly

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The third "Superman Returns" trailer.

'Nuff said.

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