the new you: a sneak preview

04/23/06 at 3:59 pm | Posted in | 33 Comments

It's still in beta, as our tech people are testing and debugging the system, but here's a sneak peek at the revamped YOU — our site for the interactive youth. Sorry, couldn't resist sharing this screenshot.

Who knows, you might see it live in the next few days — heck, it might be live by the time you read this.

Props to my editorial assistant Cathy Miranda. We worked feverishly to migrate to the new template and meet the deadline, particularly since we introduced new sections. All the content's there, the articles have been edited, and the pages generated. The new site is waiting in the wings, so please just be patient while the tech people sort out the kinks. Kudos to the INQ7 tech team for the in-house system they developed — this is actually version 3 of our homegrown secret weapon.

Please feel free to share your comments. I hope all of you could be part of the new YOU.

We're unveiling a new submission form, but in the meantime you could already send pics for the new Barkada Scene online gallery/event calendar.

Whether they're pics of your school activities, gimmicks, concerts, trips, outdoor adventures, cosplay, hobbies, mall escapades, org events, LAN parties or online gaming sessions with your barkada, e-mail your photos to and we'll check them out. Make us an extension of your moblog or photoblog, if you want 🙂 We can't guarantee that all pics will be posted, but we promise to take a look at all of them (especially if they're cosplay pics, hehe, just kidding).

Please e-mail your pics in JPEG format and include brief captions. Pics should be at least 300 pixels wide and at least 72 dpi. Actually, the bigger the pic, the better, so we can resize them for the thumbnail, standard and zoom versions. You want to look your best, right? We'll also be accepting video clips soon — I'll keep you posted once the site is live.

In the meantime, here's a screen capture of the whole site — hope you'll like it.



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  1. hi! joey, just saw the new YOU website. the new logo rocks. goodluck!

  2. hey, thanks lace 🙂 ingat.


  3. hi joey, it looks great! 🙂 And I’ll help spread the word!

  4. thanks lala 🙂 yay, more pics! hehe 🙂


  5. Hey Joey(boy)! The site looks amazing! Thanks for the birthday greet. Take care!

  6. thanks joey(girl)! 🙂

  7. wowee! quick self-serving question :D: will the links to my old articles there be the same? thanks bro!

  8. hehe thanks gary. the old links shouldn’t be affected… will confirm to make sure 🙂

  9. ei joey.. the new site is supah cooL! lOVE IT… it will be a headturner… gets? more power! para sa kabataan!

  10. Congratulations for this new site, it will really served as inspiration to young readers of
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  11. Hey sir joey! congrats to you and Cathy! I love YOU! =)

  12. thanks for stopping by, rich.


  13. hey michelle! 🙂 thanks, we love YOU too 🙂

  14. sorry, I like the old color layout more… Maybe a differrent color? Other than black, it doesn’t look inviting to check out. Though I’m already a frequent visitor…

    Take Care!!

  15. hey peach, thanks! appreciate your feedback. take care too.


  16. Looks great! 🙂


  17. hey thanks J 🙂 i appreciate it, man.


  18. why black??? lol

  19. whoa!!! napadpad ako dito from somewhere!!!
    and wow!!! ganda ng layout ng site!!! kelan yan lalabas?
    uy sama ako send din ako ng mga pics sa barkada photos

  20. hehe too dark ba brian? 🙂

  21. thanks azrael! yup sali na, picture picture hehe.

    don’t worry, coming soon na daw, sabi ng tech 🙂

  22. I think it looks a little too dark and mature to be a web site for the youth. Too boxy and serious-looking too.

  23. hey mark, great to hear from you. appreciate your feedback.

    noted your comments, though with the new YOU site, we’re purposely making it look more mature ‘coz we’re also targeting readers in their mid- to late twenties. but of course we’re trying to strike the right balance.

    btw, just wondering, what happened to your blog — have you moved to a new one?


  24. hmmmm pero, when you use dark colors you eliminate the general market. “for the boys” ang look and feel, rocker girl surfers, guys wearing rocker tees, black nail polish, for me dapat more on unisex ang design, fun to surf, relaxing, lots of reviews, blogs, forums, interactivity and also we expect articles here medyo mahirap basahin ang long articles on a black background. if this is gaming in particular ok lang ang black…
    just my opinion.

  25. hey brian, thanks. well put. you and the others have raised good points about the new YOU’s “dark look.”

    i appreciate all the feedback. i’ll see what we can do to address these concerns.


  26. hi joey! 🙂 love the new YOU layout. it looks great!

  27. hey guys,
    im looking forward to this site.. it may help me on my writings.. i hope i can be one of the first member of this site.. where can i register? hmm.. pls do help me..

  28. Hey Sir Joey!

    I want to invite you, Tita Ellen and Sam to Blow-Up Babies in Gateway Mall… We’re giving free photo sessions this week so I do hope you can drop by =) We specialize in child photography, family portraits, couple shots, barkada funshots and artistic skinshots rin! =) Hope to see you there! =)

    Michelle =)

    …visit our website at =)

  29. Cool! can’t wait…

    Everything About Call Centers in the Philippines

  30. hey!! it looks good!!

    can’t wait for it..

    i’ll send my barkada’s pics….

    great idea for the youth!

  31. hey!! it looks good!!

    great idea for the youth!

    i can’t wait to register… =) hehe..

  32. thanks marist 🙂 will wait for the pics.

    julz, sorry for the late reply. we’re still working on the registration form but you could e-mail all submissions to

    hey michelle, was in siargao at the time. dalawin ka namin one of these days.


  33. i actually love the previous template more than the present. or maybe, i’m simply just missing it coz i’m not a “yellow” fan. :p but, it’s one nice layout i should say. i hope the archive thing works now. 😉 -roanne

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