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04/21/06 at 6:58 am | Posted in Gaming, INQUIRER.net, Photos | 7 Comments

That's INQ7.net marketing assistant Claire Chan, whom I've convinced to be our hackenslash model, heh. Thanks, Claire!

Claire was once Willow the Assassin when Level Up! launched Ragnarok's Amatsu and Kunlun game episode. You'll see a lot more of Claire when we finally unveil the new content and services for hackenslash.

If you like the hackenslash T-shirt (man, you're looking at the shirt?), then give props to Brian Vicencio, the guy who designed it; as well as the hackenslash site Brian Sahagun was the one who designed the hackenslash site (hehe, my bad,  I mixed up the two Brians — thanks for pointing that out Brian V. Whew, my memory's going — people might have thought you were the same Brian from alternate earths and we were going to have a Crisis of Infinite Brians, heh) — both Brians were once part of the INQ7 tech team. See, I told you multitasking is a way of life for us at INQ7, hehe. Check out Brian V.'s other projects at NitroFive.com. He's now based in the US — lucky dog, heh.

Though if ever we decide to migrate, my wife Ellen and I would like to move to New Zealand. I think our daughter Sam would also love it. Beautiful country, and the government takes care of your kid's education. And you could pretend you're in Middle-earth!

Thanks to photographer Rikky Arquiza of Hinge Inquirer Publications for taking Claire's pic.

The new hackenslash is coming.



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  1. ayan Joey! We have a local celebrity for the gaming industry na πŸ™‚

  2. hehe yeah gary dami nga naming pinapagawa kay claire for the past month or so, buti na lang sport siya πŸ™‚

    but she finds it fun and she’s a great person. kaya masaya hehe

  3. where can i get my own hackenslash tee? got my check na pala, lemme know the deadline for the next article. thank you. =)

  4. you’re welcome kiven.

    no prob but we’ll need to have new batch of hackenslash tees made hehe, still waiting for marketing to order new tees.

  5. hello joey thanks for the shout. hackenslash is the coolest project in inq7 ever. but the website which is awesome was designed by the other “brian” brian sahagun, which as i know now works with thedesignpeople.com. one of the coolest dude of inq7 multimedia team lol. i just did the shirt and the other marketing stuff. benta nyo ang shirt pang pizza din yan lol,

    hey the site that i designed here months ago accuradio.com is a finalist of webbyawards.com / radio category I am a part of a 2 man team who worked on it . pa vote naman sa people’s choice. lol thanks. plug ko lang.

  6. hey brian, thanks for pointing that out hehe — edited the blog entry πŸ™‚ whew, my memory’s going — people might have thought you were the same brian from alternate earths and we were going to have a crisis of infinite brians πŸ™‚

    no prob man, will plug accuradio

    pizza! the staple food at inq7.net heh πŸ™‚ or is it instant noodles hehe

  7. instant noodles and overcooked popcorns amber pansit and barbeque at ang walang kamatayang turon at lugaw kay manang

    as for pizza
    editorial always go for greenwich, shakeys, pizza hut

    yellow cab or pizza hut

    hmmm diba nakikikain lang sa tech at editorial, kunyari kukuha ng tubig sa pantry tapos nag iintay i-invite or kunyari mag print or mag xerox sa editorial room LOL ( peace!) mga gels kasi ng marketing eh diet palagi yosi and orange juice lang ang lunch. hahahah

    accounting and hr
    laging nauubusan ng pizza

    inq7 days

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