i want my iptv

04/9/06 at 2:04 pm | Posted in Tech | 2 Comments

Want a free app that allows you, among other things, to make voice over IP PC-to-PC calls, video chat and watch free programs via IPTV (Internet protocol TV — basically, watching TV on the Web)?

Then check out www.globe7.com. Of course, the catch is that it's advertising-supported, but so far I haven't found the ads annoying. No such thing as a completely free lunch, after all.

Of course, if VoIP is all you're after, Yahoo! Messenger is already a nifty solution, if you and the party you're calling have headsets with mikes (or mikes and speakers) and are both using the YM version that supports voice calls. Comes in handy — that's how I called up Erwin Oliva the other day, heh. But the more famous app would be Skype.

Long live true convergence.



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  1. yahoo messenger is cool, noh? I also tried Google Talk once, but the audio seemed not to work at that time or is it just because I was talking to Jing on the other line, er, his PC. apparently he was using his notebook’s mic to talk to me. hehehe. but cool find, will try to use it too to call you (don’t call me, I will call you..LATER!);-)

    btw, when you called me up, people were staring at me as if I was crazy. perhaps they have not discovered VoIP yet or that nifty voice app in Yahoo messenger. (don’t call me I will call you….)

  2. […] Joey Alarilla gave me a call using VoIP last week. To the uninitiated, a VoIP call happens between two people using PCs. Using a nifty program called Yahoo Messenger (yes folks that familiar IM you're using to waste precious time chatting with six or seven people in the office ], we talked briefly. Actually he called me up because he didn't have enough, ehem, call credits (my apologies to Joey). Telephone companies are also beginning to offer this service but under the label "budget call." Same banana. […]

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