graduation day

03/23/06 at 8:58 am | Posted in Family, Photos | 2 Comments

Sam and her nursery class had their graduation rites on Saturday, March 18.

Here's Sam after giving a short speech in one of the presentations that was part of the graduation program. Next to her is her classmate Vijay.

I find it almost hard to believe — didn't I just experience the excitement of Sam's first day of school? Sometimes I find myself wondering where the little baby has gone. She's a big girl now, and I'm so proud of Sam. But part of me can't help but feel wistful.

For the past year or so, I've found myself beginning conversations with Sam with "Remember when you were a baby?" and then we'd reminisce over some of the things she did when she was still little, the little routines we had.

Now, she's the one who sometimes begins these talks. She'd tell me: "Let's talk about when I was a baby." I always treasure these conversations, and feel guilty over all the times when I was too busy to listen to her or my wife Ellen, all those occasions when I was too preoccupied with work and other stuff, and took for granted that they'd always be around, that we'd always have time later to talk and be a family.

But you know what? The years have a way of passing by quickly.

I can't change the past. But I hope I can learn from my mistakes and make the present better. It's the toast Sam and I have been making for the past few years whenever we're drinking something: "To the future!"



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  1. i’m also going to “cover” my daughters graduation tomorrow! Time flies, as Tears for Fears would sing.

  2. pretty soon she’ll be asking your permission to attend her HS prom. 🙂

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