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03/16/06 at 1:52 pm | Posted in Gaming, Photos | 2 Comments

I had a great time giving a presentation on “Why gaming makes business sense” yesterday at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City.

Luli Arroyo had invited me to be the guest speaker at the MindShare networking session. MindShare is a joint project of the Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development (of which Luli is the director for strategic development — her previous title was director for operations, which is what I used in an earlier blog entry), AIM, and the Philippine Venture Capital Investment Group.

The funny thing is that this was the first time we met in person, though we’d known each other for years. I blogged about one of those conversations, and how I’ve always admired her for being so down-to-earth. She’s the daughter of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, but Luli has never sought or expected any preferential treatment. She puts to shame all those people with an inflated sense of self-importance, who demand VIP treatment wherever they go. Luli just quietly does her work in the private sector — in fact, the great thing about MindShare is that it has survived for six years and is still going strong even though it is not sponsored by any big company. She wanted it that way, so that MindShare could be a free-wheeling networking session that would not be beholden to any corporation.

I was touched that when Luli introduced me, she added how happy she was that I accepted the invitation, explaining to the participants that we’ve been online friends for years and was glad that we finally got to meet.

I’ll write about the MindShare session soon. Luli also gamely posed for a pic, holding the copy of the first issue of GAME! magazine (the country’s first purely homegrown gaming magazine — 100% Filipino-made, no syndicated content from foreign mags) that I gave her.

Thanks Luli. It was really great to finally meet you.



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  1. would you happen to have a short biography of Ms. Luli Macapagal-Arroyo? We want to make her a role model in a youth seminar on May 4-11, 2006 in Marilao, Bulacan. Thanks! I can’t find any in the net..

  2. hi iris, thanks for dropping by. all i have is her bio from the site. apart from that, well, she went to Ateneo de Manila University for her BS Management Economics degree and was the editor in chief of Ateneo’s official student newspaper, The Guidon, for two consecutive years.

    here’s the bio from the fit-ed site:

    Ms. Arroyo was a consultant for the Philippine government during the APEC Summit in Manila in 1996. She served as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Office of Senator Gloria Macapagal, and established their IT youth outreach program called Net21. Prior to this, she completed a study for the International Telecommunications Satellite Corporation (INTELSAT) on the Philippine telecommunications industry and its regulatory and legislative environment. She has had several articles on travel published in Philippine newspapers, and has had a number of poems published in Philippine literary journals. She holds an MS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

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