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03/13/06 at 9:14 pm | Posted in Gaming | 2 Comments

Whew! This morning, I finished the first draft of Chapters 4 and 5 of the e-business handbook I’m writing for Inquirer Publications Inc.

Afterwards, I was off to the Hinge Inquirer Publications office for an editorial meeting with GAME! EIC Aiza Tancinco, contributing editor Jayvee Fernandez, editorial assistant Mitch Baylosis and creative director Topper Garperio. We had an animated discussion about the direction for the mag, came up with a lot of wacky ideas and interesting new takes on the gaming scene, and had a great time as we refined our strategy for winning the hearts and minds (oh yeah, and pockets, hehe) of Filipino gamers. Issue 1 was a great start, and expect bigger things ahead.

Then I made my way to the office, where I edited two sites and talked to our marketing assistant Claire Chan, who also happens to be the model who portrayed Willow the Assassin when Philippine Ragnarok Online launched the game episode “Amatsu and Kunlun: A Tale of Two Cities” last year — on March 12, in fact.

Hmm, that’s uncanny, since now I’m launching something for hackenslash with the help of Claire, almost exactly a year later.

Joan Ong, our product officer at, will help us pull off this project, just as she has thrown her support for my initiatives for hackenslash and the other sites I handle. Thanks, Joan.

Stay tuned, and see for yourself how this will tie in with GAME! magazine.



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  1. i was hoping to meet you yesterday sa Game! meeting pero mukhang busy na busy kayo hehe

    please add me sa blog links nyo.thank you.

  2. hey kiven great to hear from you. oo nga, sayang hehe tambak that day.

    no prob, added you.


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