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This past week has been a very busy one for me, but while I’ve been going at it at an exhausting pace, I’m really pumped up for all the wonderful projects I’m now working on with some of the most talented people in their respective fields.

I’ve finished the first draft of the first three chapters of the book on e-business I’m writing for Inquirer Publications Inc., and will finish two more chapters tonight.

Starting with its second issue, I’ll be on board GAME! magazine as editor-at-large. GAME!, the country’s first purely homegrown gaming magazine from Hinge Inquirer Publications, is now out in the market, and I have an article and column piece in this maiden issue. Originally, I’d only committed to being a columnist for the mag, but I’m looking forward to helping set the direction for GAME! and see great things ahead for this publication. Plus HIP made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, heh.

Of course, you can expect a lot of synergy between this print magazine and hackenslash,’s gaming site, of which I’m co-editor. Met with our tech and marketing team last Friday after I dropped by the HIP office to grab my compli copy of GAME!, and we finalized the details for the new sections and multimedia services you’ll soon see on the revamped hackenslash site.

We’ve been laying the groundwork and I believe we now have all the pieces of the puzzle — hmm, sounds like the Survivor song my wife Ellen and I love (ack! mush!) — to make spiraling content that is available through different media and ties everything together in a neat package that allows the different platforms (online and print initially, and who knows, maybe TV and radio soon) to complement each other.

On another front, my partners and I have already begun building the content for the dotcom that we plan to launch in the next few months.

We’re also going to unveil the next big activity for the Asian Gaming Journalists Association, even as potential partners from the government and private sector are talking to us to support our initiatives to promote responsible gaming and combat gaming piracy.

So yup, it’s an exhausting yet exciting adventure. Through it all, however, I’m trying to make sure that I spend a lot of quality time with my wife Ellen and our daughter Sam. It’s been one of my biggest weaknesses, that sometimes I get so caught up in my work and other interests, that I end up taking our family for granted. I just hope it’s not too late to learn from my mistakes.

Sometimes, we concentrate too much on what’s urgent, that we forget what’s really important.


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