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03/10/06 at 12:28 pm | Posted in Gaming | 1 Comment

GAME! is here!

Swiped this image of the cover from Jayvee Fernandez‘s blog. I’ll talk a lot more about GAME!, the new, homegrown gaming magazine from Hinge Inquirer Publications, in the next few days, but Jayvee has summed it up quite nicely in his post.

Here’s an excerpt:

There were many people involved with the creation of the second local gaming title (the first is Games Master) in the Philippines. But it is also important to note that this is the first all-Filipino gaming magazine. This means that content isn’t syndicated from abroad (unlike Games Master that syndicates some of its content from the West).

Going back to the people involved, there are many many many of them who labored hard, enduring sleepless nights to get this thing conceptualized, laid-out, flattened, CMYK-ed, and printed. There’s Mitch, Aiza, Adel, Poch, Topper, and Joey to name a few, as well as the writers – I apologize if I forget to name all – Karl, Kiven, Ryu, Raphy, Jones, Karen … there’s just so many, I’m overwhelmed at the amount of support you’ve all given.

Read the rest of Jayvee’s post.

I’m really excited about the birth of this new gaming magazine, and I truly believe this will be the start of something big. This is a great time to be a gamer.

Nothing I can say, however, will be more eloquent than the mag itself, so grab a copy. It should be available in racks over the next few days — the mag arrived from the printers just last night — and, guess what, this mag only costs 80 pesos.

See it. Believe.


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  1. I haven’t gotten a copy yet, but if GAME! accepts illustrations (aka space fillers) then wow! I enjoy illustrating game characters, and I know others who do as well and it would be fun to illustrate for GAME!

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