inq7’s 5th anniversary

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INQ7 is celebrating its 5th anniversary on Feb. 27 and I’m the one overseeing the anniversary site.

We’re making this a very interactive site that will showcase the multimedia services that we currently offer or will soon offer. As part of this thrust, we’ll feature photos and video clips from readers sharing their INQ7 anniversary greetings.

We’d like you to also be part of this fun activity, so if you’re interested you could submit pics of creative ways you can greet us a happy 5th anniversary 🙂 This could be something involving the number 5 — you could refer to a similar thing we did for our Human Christmas Countdown for inspiration.

Just e-mail the pics to Please include a brief caption identifying the people, your company and location. These could be pics you’ve scanned, or taken with your digicam or camphone — the whole idea is to show how these gadgets have become part of our lives, and how tech is uniting Filipinos from all over the world. They could be solo or group shots — pics of you and your colleagues, as well as you and your families.

You can also record brief greetings on your digicams or camphones and e-mail them to me. Please just briefly introduce yourself or identify the people in the video 🙂

You could also ask your friends to submit photos and video clips, following the same guidelines. Please submit your pics and videos on or before Feb. 9, so you could be part of the first batch when the site launches.



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