magical mumbai

11/27/05 at 11:43 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Mumbai is the world’s second biggest city, and you have to be here to truly appreciate that statement.

I’ve always dreamed of going to India since I was a kid since I’ve always seen India as a magical place, so this trip to Mumbai to be a guest speaker at the R. A.G. E. (Reviews and Gaming Essentials) Gaming Awards and Expo; launch the Indian chapter of the Asian Gaming Journalists Association; and record a podcast with IBM has simply been amazing.

The people are wonderful and the city is a whole world waiting to be discovered.

I’ll be blogging more about it when I get back, but right now I have to prepare for my presentation for the seminar. By the way, Mumbai is two-and-a-half hours behind Manila time, so it’s actually just 9: 13 a.m. Sunday here.

Thanks to Mihir, Milind and the Rage Team for inviting me; Nick and Quentin of IBM for bringing me to India; and Ramesh of IBM for introducing me to some of the players in the Indian gaming industry.

Sometimes all this seems like a dream, and it’s hard to imagine that AGJA is only seven months old.

Then again, as I told the audience when I presented an award and gave a brief speech at the R.A.G.E. Awards night on Nov. 25, reality begins as a dream.

What’s important is to believe in your dream, and do something to make it come true.



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  1. Was at the seminar where you spoke. Orange shirt, ninth row? Am a journalist. Work for

    Forget it. But the talk was interesting. Haven’t known gaming journalism as something of a ‘thing’ in India but seems worth watching out for.

  2. Hey Joey,

    I am from the team.

    It was awesome chatting with you during the lunch and coffee about the gaming senario here and in the Philippines.

    Hope to meet you again sometime in the future.


  3. hey vm, thanks for visiting my blog. yup i remember you 🙂

    glad you found the presentation interesting. do you also cover the gaming industry?


  4. hey wizard, was great chatting with you too.

    that was some lunch, man, the food was great. and the conversation even better.

    hope to see you guys soon again in mumbai. or manila. or maybe even china hehe 🙂


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