online journalism is still journalism

10/25/05 at 10:38 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Nini Cabaero, executive editor of the Sun Star Exchange Network, stresses that online journalism is still journalism. The basic principles still apply, namely accuracy, fairness, balance, completeness, and rules on attribution and ethical practices.

“Technology can be a tool to fool people, but at the same time technology can also be a tool to verify,” Nini said, as she shared the horror story of a Cagayan de Oro editor who years ago copied and pasted an e-mail message about a supposed CNN report that Bill Gates had been assassinated and published it as a story.

The e-mail was actually an April Fool’s Day prank from a Davao journalist. The CdO editor had to resign two months later after the paper was deluged with complaints.



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  1. agreed with your point!

  2. The problem with this is that people take someone’s online article to be completely true without even questioning if it is indeed factual, the citizens of our nation are not trained enough to question what they see, hear or read.

    Aside from that, blogs are often just a person’s personal view on matters and they are available online, some people heavily rely on the internet for information but these information needs to be validated (as you said) before it should be posted.

    Dili sayon nga tawagon na lang diretso nga “journalism” ang mga articles online. ambot… basta… peace!

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