watch your step

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Here’s Sam checking out the staircase of the Holiday Inn Resort Hotel in Clark Field, Pampanga.


sammy hammock

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Here’s Sam enjoying the hammock at Clearwater Country Club in Clark Field, Pampanga with Maite Alvarez of PR firm Corporate Image Dimensions.

new look

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Hope you like the new look of The Babel Machine. I got the new template from Blogger Templates by Caz.

As you may have noticed, I’ve ditched my tag board for now, because I’m getting tired of all the spam. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

pop quiz, hotshot

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Ruben B. Licera Jr., creative consultant of CREWorks Asia, won the online quiz after the C4J seminar after garnering the highest score in the test.

Giving him his 2, 000-peso gift certificate is C4J manager Cherry Thelmo-Fernandez.

blogs and cms

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Wilson Ng, president of HP partner Ng Khai, talks about content management systems at the C4 online journalism seminar in Cebu.

“What we call blogging is actually part of content management systems… You have a lot of information, but how do you present it?”

He noted that CMS empowers people: “The interesting thing about blogs and CMS is that you separate the technology from the information.”

This means people can concentrate on creating and sharing information, without worrying about the underlying technology.

online journalism is still journalism

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Nini Cabaero, executive editor of the Sun Star Exchange Network, stresses that online journalism is still journalism. The basic principles still apply, namely accuracy, fairness, balance, completeness, and rules on attribution and ethical practices.

“Technology can be a tool to fool people, but at the same time technology can also be a tool to verify,” Nini said, as she shared the horror story of a Cagayan de Oro editor who years ago copied and pasted an e-mail message about a supposed CNN report that Bill Gates had been assassinated and published it as a story.

The e-mail was actually an April Fool’s Day prank from a Davao journalist. The CdO editor had to resign two months later after the paper was deluged with complaints.

seminar begins

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Cherry Thelmo-Fernandez, manager of C4, gives an overview of the seminar and asks participants to introduce themselves.

The first speaker is Nini Cabaero, executive editor of the Sun Star Exchange Network, who will give an overview of online journalism.

inquirer is hip

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I’ve wanted to share it for a long time but now it’s official: the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Hinge have entered a joint venture to form Hinge Inquirer Publications.

Here’s an excerpt from the official announcement:

THE Inquirer GOES HIP.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer has formally entered into a partnership with R828 Inc., creator of mPH Magazine, Swing, The Reviewer and local franchise holder of PC Magazine. This marks the entry of the country’s No. 1 newspaper into the world of magazine publishing.

The joint venture has created Hinge Inquirer Publications or HIP, which hopes to further strengthen the Inquirer’s reputation as one of the country’s premier content providers across a wide array of media, and now to include magazines.

The partnership agreement, signed on Oct. 5 at the Inquirer offices in Makati City, was forged by HIP officials Alexandra Prieto-Romualdez, chair; Dave Valdes, president; Poch Bermudez, SVP and general manager; Alex Reyes, SVP and CFO; Paolo Prieto, president, Inquirer Holdings Inc., and Doris Bermudez, sales and events director of HIP.

Of course, it’s an open secret that HIP is bringing in a certain gaming magazine to the country, hehe. More on that soon.

Read the rest of the announcement.

c4j banner (no relation to bruce)

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This is the banner for the C4J Online Journalism seminar.

journalism in the age of the internet

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I’m here at the Cebu Educational Development Foundation for IT office. I’m one of the resource speakers for the seminar on online journalism that C4J is conducting here.

My session is slated after lunch. The seminar should be starting soon.

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