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Things have been crazy for me the past few weeks — well, the whole country is going crazy. I can only hope that this crisis will be resolved and that we’ll see genuine change in this country — not just a revolving door of politicians and personalities.

But no matter how uncertain these times are, life must go on, and we have to make the most of what we have and do something productive in our respective corner of the world. In my case, one of those areas is gaming journalism, as hackenslash is one of the three (groan!) sites I handle for

I’m happy to say that the Asian Gaming Journalists Association, of which I’m founding president, now has close to 50 members. AGJA, which we informally refer to us GameJournos, aims to push gaming journalism as a legitimate news beat and promote the Asia Pacific as a source of world-class gaming news and features.

AGJA now has several members from Singapore and Malaysia, with Aaron Yip of in Singapore and Jennifer Tai of GameAxis Unwired magazine in Malaysia spearheading the formation of the AGJA chapters in those countries. It’s really gratifying to get an outpouring of support for AGJA’s cause from gaming journalists in the Philippines and in other Asian countries, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in less than three months. Now’s the time, however, to consolidate and formalize the organizational structure, and I hope to to launch our site and blog in the near future.

I’m also proud to say that veteran US-based gaming journalist Raymond “Psylancer” Padilla is an honorary member of AGJA. Psylancer, a former editor of, is now the producer and co-host of this great web show called “Reset” on Yahoo! Games. Be sure to check out their E3 Special and the first regular “Reset” episode. His co-hosts are two lovely ladies who also happen to be great gamers, former GameSpy columnist Zoe Flower and Frag Dolls member Kat Hunter.

What some gamers might not know, however, is that not only is Raymond one of the most respected gaming journalists around, but he’s also Asian-American — he’s part-Filipino and yup, he and his family observe Filipino customs and he loves Filipino food.

Watch out for an upcoming feature story in hackenslash.



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  1. Been a while. Glad to read about this! Congrats to AGJA! Waaay cool 😀

    Your dreams are coming true 😀

  2. thanks clair 🙂 i really appreciate it. take care!


  3. hi joey!

    was a former you blog addict last year (november). i deleted my old blog. here’s my new site:

    it’s nice coming back here!

    ella rios

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