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03/4/05 at 11:58 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

If you have a copy of today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer, check out my story “ninoyaquino.com for sale on eBay” on the front page.

If you can’t get a copy, check out the online version in INQ7.net’s Infotech page.



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  1. I liked your story, shows why “other people” are more enterprising. Bakit naman WALA pala domain si Ninoy? I mean di ba mayayaman sila with Kris earning and all the hacienda workers working all for them???? Di ba if not for Ninoy nasaan ba sila? Buti pa si Lopez may utang na loob kahit mahal Meralco nya (bwahhhh) at least bibili niya ng site si Ninoy.
    Buti ka pa may site… o eto.. si Ninoy wala…kakaiyak ano? I like the person sana merom bumili kasi A LEAT naman ano.. naisipan nya.

  2. hehe buti pa si sharon cuneta meron site, si ninoy wala. buti pa si regine may site si ninot wala. ay basta ako sharonian!!!!
    ps: mahal pa kaya nila ang tatay nila…???????

  3. thanks anonymous!

  4. hehe thanks for visiting bogang 🙂

  5. well it’s strange to find that ninoy doesn’t have an official site.. and come to think of it, a foreigner was the one who first got the idea… pff! even got it up for bids! eh, and we were all busy with our blogs…

    hmm anyway, read it yesterday at Inquirer. Oh, you can visit my blog too.. dont forget to post a comment under any topic before leaving…

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