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Our hackenslash and Infotech reporter Erwin Oliva is the man of the day at ITJourno Asia’s Epitome column. Go Erwin!

And go,, which is visited by more than a million unique users a day, and generates more than 41 million pageviews a month. Now you know it’s not only our friends and relatives who read our stories, hehe.

INQ lads loved by a million a day

According to a Media Request posted on MediaConnect Asia by an INQ7 reporter, has over one million unique users each day.

Not surprising when you consider there’s some fine juice squeezing out of their tech pages.

That could-have-been-so-boring “.ph” domain name story – that the administrator is doing an appalling job – just won’t die, with the man himself now hitting out at his accusers. ‘Why are you so mean to me? I think everyone else is bad at their job too…’ seemed to be his approach in an Erwin Oliva report yesterday.

Meanwhile, phone firm PLDT acknowledged this week that VoIP “will be the biggest threat to its main business in 2005”, Oliva had in another piece. In a big day, he also had “Webzen files charges against Filipino game hackers”.

In a patriotic vein, Joey “games-man” Alarilla profiled a Filipino games develper trying to get its products onto the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.


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  1. Thanks Joey. I did like your Ninoy Aquino story today! Go hehehe…

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