piracy column piece cited in itjourno asia

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ITJourno Asia, the subscription-only site for Asian tech journalists, cited my “Consumers and piracy” column piece in today’s Epitome.

Epitome: You know you’ve done a good job when…

By Victoria Lea
31/03/2005 11:25:00 AM

… you’ve struck enough of a chord with readers that they talk back. As Stefan Hammond talks to Ariel Tam in today’s ‘Epitome Response’, or as one irate reader emailed Joey Alarilla.

“You are SUCH a writer: all rhetoric and no sense of opportunity,” INQ7’s Alarilla quoted the reader as saying.

The quotes came from an email sent to Alarilla and related to an article by Alarilla on the need for the Philippines to vigorously fight piracy. The email had been published by the author on the web already, so Alarilla wrote he felt free to re-publish it himself.

“Joey, you dream of the day when the Philippines will become a world-class game development center, instead of becoming a developer of games and gaming systems that lots of people enjoy,” part of the email read.

“You dream of the day when our country will become a major market for international game publishers, instead of some local entrepreneur seizing dominance in a market deemed too small to be touched by the global players, (he can develop games like Patintero Online and World of Sungka). You dream of the day when Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will launch their consoles in the Philippines, instead of wondering why we need to make these corporate bastards richer than they already are.”

“Stick to writing, Joey.”

Ouch? All credit to Alarilla for publishing the critique, and for the way he managed to then himself defend his argument. You can see the story here.

You can also see the reaction of Computerworld Hong Kong’s Stefan Hammond, and one Chee Sing Chan, to an article penned by Ariel Tam at Today newspaper, in today’s ‘Epitome Response’ piece, here. Something about lads versus ladies, perchance?



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Sam sticking out her tongue. Posted by Hello


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Sam poses with Pampa at Shopwise. Posted by Hello


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Sam, who’s three years and three months old, with my wife Ellen and her Lola Linda. Posted by Hello


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Sam and Tita Neng. Posted by Hello


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Sam and her Ninang Kay, who recently visited the Philippines. Kay lives in Australia. In the background is Uncle Mike. Posted by Hello

peter moore story in itjourno

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ITJourno Asia, the subscription-only site for Asian tech journalists, cited my “Microsoft VP stresses support for Asia’s gaming ecosystem” story in today’s Epitome column.

Here’s what Epitome had to say:


INQ7’s Joey Alarilla penned another of his gaming industry features today, this time interviewing a bloke with one of the world’s longest (and damn our jealousy… most impressive) job titles: Peter Moore, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Worldwide Marketing and Publishing for the Home and Entertainment Division.


Alarilla went digging into the future of Xbox’s Xenon – particularly in the Asia-Pacific – and concluded it was bright.

“As the world prepares for the next round of the console wars, the industry is already starting to place bets on which video game system will win the support of most gamers – whether it will be Xenon, the Sony PlayStation 3 or the Nintendo Revolution,” Alarilla wrote.

“Of course, Sony is way ahead of the pack with the PlayStation 2 in this generation of consoles, with 81.39 million PS2 units sold worldwide as of December 31, 2004, according to figures from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Nintendo reportedly has sold over 18 million GameCube units worldwide.

“Yet think about it: Xbox became the world’s number two console with little support from Japanese gamers, relegating the video game industry legend Nintendo to number three despite all the skepticism that greeted Microsoft’s decision to enter the console market and the criticism hurled against the big, ugly black box.”

Interesting times are ahead, he mulled.


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True, it’s hard to resist the lure of piracy, but what does this mistress demand from people in return? Who pays the price?

Most people who have commented on this issue have kept an open mind, discussing the issues soberly and respecting each other’s opinion even when espousing opposing views.

Lyndon Gregorio, however, creator of the Beerkada comic strip that appears in The Philippine Star, felt the need to attack me for bringing up the issue and expressing opinions which he doesn’t like. I don’t mind it if others disagree with me — I don’t delude myself into thinking I’m always right, or dismiss the opinions of others because they don’t fit in with my own views. We can all learn a lot from each other.

But to attack a person because you don’t agree with him — well, that’s pathetic.

You can read the entire message Lyndon e-mailed me in my @Play column, as well as my reply to him. But here’s how he ended his e-mail, which he also made a blog entry.

“Stick to writing, Joey. The entrepreneurial mind never regards the buying public as criminals and terrorist supporters. And as syndicated columnist Dave Barry once said, ‘Don’t you wish you had a job like mine? All you have to do is think up a certain number of words! Plus, you can repeat words! And they don’t even have to be true!’

“And you get paid, whether or not people like me enjoy reading your article/s for free.”

Actually, Dave Barry is one of my favorite writers. Too bad Lyndon is reduced to quoting his tongue-in-cheek statements. Hmm, repeating words? You mean like this? Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic.

You can read my reply to Lyndon in my column, plus feedback from UP professor R Feria. After having his reaction published, R Feria e-mailed me to say he was going to post a blog entry about piracy.

Meanwhile, The J Spot also posted an entry discussing my previous column and blog entry about piracy.

Have you blogged about piracy lately, or do you have comments on this issue? Feel free to share your views.

ts online philippines

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Are you ready for another massively multiplayer online role-playing game? Romance of the Three Kingdoms: TS Online will arrive in the Philippines soon with the launch of the open beta in July.

Read my Infotech article. Posted by Hello

anino mobile

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Anino Mobile, the new mobile game developer co-founded by Anino Entertainment guys Gabby Dizon and Niel Dagondon, will launch its first title this Saturday, April 2. The game is a squad-based tactical shooter called Black Ops.

Read Erwin Oliva’s Infotech article.

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