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ITJourno Asia, the subscription-only site for Asian tech journalists, cited my story on the PICS virtual conference in its Epitome column today.

Here’s what Epitome had to say:

Can I trust your blog?

It was a hit story globally last year but one that didn’t appear much in our region’s tech pages. That’s businesses and the blogging bandwagon and, for INQ7, Joey Alarilla had a nicely-penned report on the issue.

In short, the issue that has exploded, particularly following the US elections, is can businesses, or governments, buy the good favour of well-respected, independent bloggers? Perhaps it’s just another variant of PRs taking journalists out to lunch, but with bloggers famed for their views rather than their journalist tenet of fair reporting, it’s a story that has all sides of the media equation intrigued.

Alarilla’s report is of interest because it gives voice to an exec who is trying to push blogging as a business tool, who is well aware of the opposition of blogging purists to its pending commercialisation, but argues well for it anyway.

Because, hey, companies can always “engage these critics in a meaningful conversation, through blogging”.


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