cpl founder talks about world tour

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Check out my Infotech column this week as Cyberathlete Professional League president Angel Muñoz talks about the CPL World Tour and his vision for professional computer gaming. The CPL is the world’s oldest and arguably most prestigious professional gaming league.

The CPL also announced the interview on their site — right now it’s on their homepage apart from their news section. They also plugged our hackenslash gaming site in the announcement.

Thanks Angel, George Kaspiris and everyone at CPL.



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  1. Hi,

    I just read the http://www.inq7.net infotech news and read about the one millionICT job article news. Its good to know you have a blogger site.

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    I read some comments from other visitors, others so pessimistic and reactive, but they have some point of view. Yes Its right we need to support existing ICT Companies Capabilities, because its them that hires, not the Government.

    Well here’s my suggestions for Philippine ICT,

    1. Yes we need to support existing ICT Companies, if possible provide them Government Sponsored training with a very good ICT speakers, maybe hire some succesful ICT CEO in bangalore india to speak in Philippines. There will be someone from Government who will look for the existing resources we have, and how these resources can be gather and expands its services.

    2. Here in Mindanao, there are world class talents here from Programming, Graphic Designing, Web, Video Editint, etc. and also you can find them nationwide in the Philippines. There are many skilled ICT workers
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    registrations of skilled ICT workers, in that way we can categorized our resources. After categorizing and accounting our resources, the website or the CICT will sell the resources to foreign and local investors for these services. Example a digital editing company in the US will be invited to open an outsourcing Company in the Philippines in Digital editing with the profiles of registrants and resume related to digital editing forwarded to them. CICT job will be accounting and categorizing the ICT resources, after that selling the resources to investors.

    3. To enable One MIllion ICT job in the Philippines, our network first and our telecom needs to change its traditional system, These are the hindrance sometimes in fast tracking our ICT development. VOIP bill and traditional communication billing system needs to be modeled in First world countries. PLDT in its network disable VOIP systems, which is sometimes part in Call Centers. Opening a Call Center in the Mindanao for example, you would need leased lines, A network with Public IP which is mostly scarce or available in a very much higher price. Congress must act in providing
    not only telecom standard but leased line standard. I salute Sun Cellular for its 24/7 system which is mostly the system for first world countries. Bringing down telecommunication and network costs is one way we can advance with other countries.

    4. Before 2010, some of the ICT workers are yet students now, I salute DECS STEP (Student Technology Entrepreneurship Program) in Public High Schools nationwide, these program enables students to compete in Web Designing. Desktop Publishing, Computer Book keeping. I once attended these competition as a Judge in web designing, and I really salute the students in their masterpiece jobs in webdesigning. DECS must include also subjects such as webdesigning, graphic designing, programming in highschool students. Skip off the DOS and Basic subjects which is mostly thought in High schools. High School subjects in ICT must focus more on applications not on the basics, who cares now about BASIC and DOS? but if a student knows how to do desktop publishing he could earn money through doing calling cards…

    5. I have worked in the past years in one Paptelco Company, which is providing Telecom system. These Paptelco companies is once one of the great earning companies that pays taxes to our Government, but now with the advent of new technologies and cellphones, these companies are little by litle dying. These companies when tap, we can find skilled ICT personnels within them. Government need to support them, CICT commision can support them by providing Seminars of how can they expand their services, If possible Government can partner with them in deploying VOIP networks to Government Agencies, Helping them will increase also hiring of CICT jobs. CICT dept, also can held seminar on how to set up Call Center system on Paptelcos, and let them do setting up Call Centers.

    6. Lastly CICT needs not only jobs but also CICT business, I know a person who have set up a portal for online ordering of Local products from here to abroad. Here in Mindanao theres a lot of products to export. CICT Dept. can help them in having Seminar on how to sell your products online, on how to using Ebay. If these business people can earn through online selling, mostly they will hire ICT worker to do the online transactions.

    Well i think i have contributed, Hope we can be in contact sometimes, I like to help as well provide my services in some ICT related projects.

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