paypal talks

11/24/04 at 4:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

While eBay is now in the Philippines, we still don’t have PayPal. Read my Infotech story to find out what PayPal official spokesperson Amanda Pires has to say.



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  1. Oh yeah. I can’t donate on some of the sites I go to because we don’t have PayPal and I’m at the risk of being banned because I avail of the services without donating. However, some of the sites owners & I tried to look for alternatives and so far we’re ok but it sure would help to have PayPal!

  2. hi kat. yup, we really should have paypal here — ebay is here, a lot of filipinos are ebay users, a lot of filipinos abroad use paypal, and a lot of internet users here want paypal. paypal’s running out of excuses hehe 🙂

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