maharlika chapter 2

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Started on Chapter 2 of my NaNoWriMo novel The Maharlika Legacy today, and wrote 2, 035 words. Total words so far: 5, 654 out of 50, 000.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2:

Ilocandia is another country. Arianna had often told herself this, mesmerized by the unique flora that thrived in this land’s arid climate, the sand dunes that seemed incongruous as one beheld them from inside an airconditioned bus that traveled in a cloud of dust, and the massive stonewalls and bricks so characteristic of the region’s architecture, as preserved in the awe-inspiring baroque churches that eloquently attested to the country’s rich Spanish past.

As the hotel porter took care of her luggage, Ari smiled absently and remembered the first time she had stayed here at the Castillo Morocco, this vast modern hacienda that had sprung up seemingly overnight in the desert, some say as fully formed as the Goddess of Wisdom when a particularly excruciating migraine of Olympian proportions had given birth to her.

Arianna had fallen in love at first sight with the Castillo, particularly the beautiful fountain in the middle of the winding pathways that led to the hacienda’s modern wing. Like the great fountains of Europe and the more humble ones throughout the world, that of the Castillo encouraged visitors to throw a coin and give voice to a wish, that their hopes and dreams might be fulfilled, just as those of a beautiful young couple whose guests filled these halls during the Wedding of the Century — the urgent need that brought to life this happy marriage of Castilian and Moroccan aspirations in one of the great Spanish empire’s colonies.

Read the rest of The Maharlika Legacy.


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