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Whew, managed to write and post Part 3 of the first chapter of The Maharlika Legacy, barely beating midnight. At least that’s my quota for Nov. 2.

So that’s 1, 341 words for Nov. 2, plus 1, 171 from Nov. 1, for a two-day total of 2, 512 out of the 50, 000 words I’m supposed to finish by midnight Nov. 30.

Here’s an excerpt:

Even when she was a child, Beatrice hated official forms. She could not really say why. While others simply wrote down the information and thought little of it, Beatrice would find herself fixating on one blank line or another. What was her name? Why did her parents choose that name? Why was she always checking to make sure she put down the right numbers for her address, and the right numbers for their telephone?

And when she was older, she would wonder, how many brothers did she have? Should she tell them about her half-brothers? Should she tell them that her mother was no longer living with her father? What was she going to put as her father’s occupation? She would die of embarrassment if she admitted that during the time, while she was in college and wondering about her place in the scheme of things, he was unemployed. It always seemed to Beatrice that she had to fill in too many blanks.

Read The Maharlika Legacy.

You can also check out Dean’s novel Salamanca and banzai cat’s The Gonfaladiere.


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